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Index of Glory and Gore


We wanted to give you additional info and so we did! Here is a list of our pages so you can navigate them easily. Be sure to bookmark this page if you don't think you'll be able to find it again.

Lairean Map - G&G has a map! Updated regularly.

ϞEmeraude - The Fallen Kingdom of the West.

ϞAlianor - The Kingdom of the North

ϞRoux - The Kingdom of the East.

ϞSamavia - The Kingdom of the South.

Creatures - The many species of Supernatural Beings in Lairea.

Magic - Detailed insight into how magic works.


Borrowing The Edwardian Era - Useful information about life in the Edwardian Era applicable to Lairea 1905. COMING SOON.

Lairean Culture - Religion, society and entertainment specific to our site contrary to historical references. COMING SOON.

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