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  • Kingdom of the East. Roux is a mecca for art, style and radiant culture. With a strong military presence because of their dominion over the stem, the section of Lairea that connects the peninsula to the rest of Europe, they are considered the keepers of all things Lairean and noble. The focus they put on sensationalizing their leaders though has made life for the royals and noble of the land very public.

  • Kingdom of the South. Samavia is a conservative country with a strong distrust of outsiders, innovation and that nasty word change. They do however have a strong sense of honor, duty and tradition. Their focus is on maritime trade and commerce.

  • Kingdom of the North. Equality, charity and festivity are the words that would best describe what the typical Alianorian stands for. After the fall of Emeraude they have taken over as the most tolerant of countries in Lairea. Alianor is mostly made up of plains and it is known for its fruitful agricultural trade.

  • A section of land at the center of Lairea unclaimed by any of the kingdoms. It is home to the Knight Academy and is typically used as a center of trade.

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  • Once a thriving kingdom, Emeraude has become a desolate wasteland. Few manage to survive out here among the magical storms that ravage the land, but there is still hope that someday Emeraude will be saved.

  • Hidden under the waves, south of Samavia, Atlantis is the best kept secret of the merpeople. It's always been underwater, contrary to the myths that humans have written about it, but once it was connected to the world above through seamounts. They destroyed the seamounts to prevent war, isolating the city. While other beings live in Atlantis, they are far different from those found on land.

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