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 g&g cliff notes
 Posted: Feb 13 2017, 01:32 PM
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After being a member for about a year and a half, Abbi was promoted to admin, which was really inevitable. She plays an insane amount of characters and has a list for everything. She's basically your cool aunt who has the ridiculous life that you can't comprehend, and lbr, neither can she, but it's happening.
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G&G Cliff Notes

Welcome to Glory & Gore, here is everything you need to know to get started.


Our site is a fairytale-inspired fantasy set on the peninsula of Lairea in the Edwardian Era.

Lairea is a peninsula attached to England via a small land bridge called The Stem. Lairea is made up of 4 countries and 2 city-states; Alianor, Roux, Samavia, Emeraude, The Common Grounds and Atlantis.

Emeraude was destroyed in the 7 year war between the crown of Emeraude and the Vidrohan Rebellium. It was ruled by the Sweyns. Its capital was Thais. It is currently uninhabitable and those of its citizens who did survive were displaced into refugee camps around the other 3 kingdoms.

Alianor is an agricultural based kingdom who is the more tolerant of the different magical races. It is ruled by the Calverts. Its capital is Elverum.

Roux is a mining & arts based kingdom who prefers its magical citizens to act like they aren’t magical. It is ruled by the Agathons. Its capital is Valencia. They have the largest army and are in charge of protecting The Stem.

Samavia is a shipping & naval based kingdom who is currently removing the rights of its supernatural citizens. It’s ruled by the Margeauxs. It’s capital is Volos.

The Common Grounds is a small city-state between the four countries that is under its own jurisdiction. Its mayor/leader is Rainier Cross. The Knight Academy, which is responsible for training all of the knights in Lairea, is located here.

Atlantis is a city-state located under the waters off the coast of Samavia. No one except for Atlanteans knows about this city-state. It’s ruled by the Monteros. Its occupants are very intolerant of non-magical beings, as well as any beings who can’t get to Atlantis.

Lairean Country Info - Atlantis Info


There are eight ‘known’ magical species in Lairea. These species are divided into the major and minor arcana. The major arcana are Dragons, Fairies and Witches. The minor arcana are Shifters, Mermaids, Werewolves, Gifteds and Shadows. There are other species in Lairea, but they are either little known, subspecies of the aforementioned species, believed to be extinct, or believed to be one of the ‘known’ magical species.

8 Known Magical Species - Unknown Species

HISTORY The biggest thing to happen in recent Lairean history is the Seven Year War, which resulted in the destruction of Emeraude and both the deaths of the Emeraudian royal family and the Queen of Samavia.

The second biggest thing to happen in recent Lairean history is the infamous Osyllum, a party as which a great deal of nobles were cursed by the Vanderbilts who were trying to kill the King of Samavia.

The third biggest thing to happen in recent Lairean history is that the Knight Academy had to be rebuilt after a magical storm struck it during the New Year’s Celebration to ring in 1906.



General - don’t be a meaner, don’t plagiarize, don’t god mode, stay in era, no PBs under 13

Specific - we don’t accept historical figures, to have an unknown species you have to meet certain requirements, we are super picky if you want your character to come from outside of Lairea, no hybrid creatures, you can’t claim a fairytale for your own so there might be other characters on the site with the same inspiration, no two gifteds can have the same power

Claimed Gifted Powers


Travel - Most people travel by train, carriage, or ship. If you have money, cars are an option.

Tech - phones and electricity and indoor plumbing are all things as is photography and movies (though they are silent). In December 1906, the first radio broadcast will happen! Telegraphs are a thing, and they can transmit photos too.

Medicine - vaccinations are a thing, vitamins are basically just starting to be discovered, sex reassignment surgery is a thing, and allergies are named as such. antibiotics are not a thing.

Fashion - Women wear corsets and dresses typically, but trousers are an option that is not frowned upon. Men wear pants and shirts a lot.

Society - same sex relationships are not frowned upon, neither are interracial or interspecies relationships, though the intolerances tend to align with intolerance of supernatural species. So listing the place most tolerant to least tolerant you get; Common Grounds > Alianor > Roux > Samavia > Atlantis.

Laws - cursing another person is illegal (though obv people still do that), death penalty is a thing, hunting supernatural species is illegal (though certain people still do that)


Vidrohan Rebellium (click the insurgents tab) - supernatural beings who believe that supernaturals are superior to the rest and deserve to be treated as such. Not above violence to get what they want. Believed to have been destroyed in the war, but still around. Lead by Be’elzebub, Maleficent, Alvin Maddoxx, Jacen Grimaldi, and Heloise Mooncrest.

Emeraudian Rebels - refugees from Emeraude who seek to reclaim their lost country and install Farawen Darling onto the throne. Lead by Icarus James.

Wild Hunt - supernatural beings who love war, there are four leaders of the wild hunt, the group is very secretive and does not convene unless there is a battle going on. Lead by Kieran Starli, Tisiphone Notaras, Nero Balderas & Sophia Delamar.

League of Purity - humans who believe that all the supernatural are scum and want to hunt them down and kill them all. Led by CJ Cartier.

Covens - there are eight great covens in Lairea divided by family, and they all have their own customs and goals. The families are Cabot, DuPont, Lowell-Gardner, Forbes, Astor, Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, & Rothschild.


Canons - Want Ads - Application - Face Claim


It might seem like a lot, but really you only have to read what you absolutely need; so if you’re making a witch in Alianor, then you would want to read the 8 Known Species, Lairean Country Info & Covens. If you’re making a dragon in Atlantis, you would want to read the 8 Known Species & Atlantis Info. Just ask an admin they can help you sift through what you need to know to start!

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