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People have always referred to her as lazy, but Belen always preferred the term 'unmotivated'. She just has a hard time self-motivating, and external motivators, good ones that keep her occupied, are so hard to find when one is as painfully smart as Belen. She doesn't want to be bored by everything, but it seems things can only hold her interest so long as there is an air of mystery to them. She loves puzzles and mysteries and anything that poses the slightest challenge to wrap her brain around, though of course once she figures it out, she's done with it. It's just one of the problems of being the smartest person in the room.

Impatient would be another good word for Belen. She hates having to explain herself, or really anything, to other people. If they don't understand when she says it the first time, what's the point? There really isn't any. It just takes too much effort to bring people up to speed on things, especially when they think so much slower. Though of course even if you can't keep up, you'd still learn a lot from being around her, as she often talks rapidly to herself about whatever it is she's thinking about. She tends not to keep her opinions to herself, though she is quick to cease explaining them.

Members of the Rebellium referred to her as 'childish' when she was still among their ranks. While she had the unbridled energy of a small puppy when allowed to find someone to shadow and during the process of learning about them, she quickly grew bored and would sulk if asked to remain in the same form for an extended period of time. It was just so boring. She would agree that her behaviour at that point was childish, she would groan and drag her feet and generally act out until allowed to leave, but she rationalized it. The tantrums were worth it if it meant getting out of something that she hated doing.

She would describe herself as genuinely curious and thoughtful, she especially loves gift giving, as the process of figuring out the perfect gift is always a welcome puzzle. She loves reading and learning, and would gladly spend all day on a new task so long as it was intriguing enough. Language learning is by far her favorite thing to do, though the arts come in at a close second. Her current endeavour is ballet, though she has no desire to actually perform. Learning things is for herself, not for others. She tends to obsess over things, and as of such, she has accumulated strange groupings of books. Six months ago it was cooking, the year before it was painting, and the year before that it was experimentation with the limits of living things she could shadow. It's always got to be something new with Belen.

Her beginning came with the ending of another. Not that Belen was aware of that at the time. She was, however, aware that she had a purpose, and that was to aid the Vidrohan Rebellium in any literal way, shape or form that she could do. She didn't mind at first. Finding someone to shadow, following them around, learning about them, it was like a game. Then she actually had to be them, and that part was not nearly as fun or interesting as the first part. Still, it wasn't as though she could just turn her back on those who had given her life, but she knew there had to be a way out of the boring part. So she acted out. By dragging her feet, complaining loudly, and in generally just being as sullen and sulky as she could be, they would give her something else to do, just to be rid of her complaints for a few minutes. Thus the cycle repeated until her 'father' died in the war.

She claimed she hadn't really cared for him one way or another. He had brought her life, and he acted like she owed him for it, but she reasoned that in the first place she hadn't asked for life and therefore it was a gift and one did not owe things for gifts that were given, and in the second place, he didn't give her the intelligence she possessed even if he did give her life, and therefore he had no claim to it. Still, while he was alive, she couldn't bring herself to leave him. If anything, she secretly wanted to make him proud of her. Once he died, there was no point in sticking around with the vidrohan, so she ran, taking anything useful she could with her.

The first thing she did was travel as far south as she could go. She liked stopping at bars along the way, listening to stories but always staying far away from the speaker to avoid drawing attention to herself. South wasn't the smartest direction to go however, the random checks for supernatural, though interesting to avoid for awhile, soon grew tiresome, no matter how much fun it had been to see what she could get away with at the beginning. Then she went east, but that was boring from the beginning. People just acted superstitious and when she troubled them for actual reasoning behind their beliefs they had none. Living in a place with no sound basis in reason was basically like living in hell for Belen, so she left and went north chasing rumors of an incurable disease. She figured she could try her hand at medicine, it seemed like an interesting enough subject, but upon her arrival in the city she found it with far too many refugees. Not wanting to risk the possibility of getting caught, she quickly left the capital. It was then that she decided that contact with people was overrated, especially after her experiences in the kingdoms and the rebellium. All people brought to the plate was drama after all, and she only cared for that when it was in it's proper place on the stage.

It wasn't too hard to find a place without too many people. She found the perfect spot, a small village on the edge of a forest in the common grounds, and it was there that she settled, not fully a part of any kingdom. It was a way station, a common meeting point, but she rarely had need to leave the home she made for herself. She stacked it floor to ceiling with books, going as far as to build furniture out of them when she ran out of space. Though she did not care to read things twice, she still couldn't bring herself to get rid of any of them. The others in the common grounds thought of her as strange no doubt, but they didn't bother her except on rare occasions, which was just how she liked things to be.
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common grounds
Belen's been on her own for nearly half of her life now, and she thinks she's doing alright. Still a bit unmotivated, definitely still in need of a nap, but she's made a lot more friends and gotten into a fair bit of trouble. Currently working as a freelancer for the vidrohan (mostly just to help Phoebe and Astrid) and hanging about the Academy with Natalie and Todd, Belen is a bit worried that the other shoe is about to drop.
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