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It could have been weirder. That is to say, Rome's beginning. Being the oldest by 5 minutes! he was usually the cause of any trouble he and his twin found themselves in. At the start the twins were whirlwinds of mischief and cute grins. Rome was always the sweet-talker, with easy twists of harmless untruths and a backup plan for quick escapes. It was never a surprise to find Rome and his brother covered in mud or hidden out in trees they had declared their kingdom.

Rome's trouble-making decreased with age, like most children's but his urge to explore stuck. He did put some of his childish tricks to good use in trying to get rid of his oldest brother's long time girlfriend. Who needs girls who talk bad about your family behind your back? He would never admit to it of course but toads don't lay their eggs in people's shoes without help. The woman never seemed to like him much and Rome couldn't say he tried to make her. It was his job to look out for his big brother sometimes though right? It didn't do much good as Cairo ended up marrying her.

The war took a lot from the Hellions, the biggest being their parents and Rome was caught between being thankful to have his big brother back and wanting to stay in bed all day. The big kick in the pants that pulled him out his depressed slump was actually his twin. Paris never had any problem calling Rome on his being stupid or just yanking him up off his ass when he couldn't seem to do it on his own. His brother reminded him of a dream they had concocted back before the war, of traveling the world without a care and partying until they forgot their own names.

Things are a bit different now. Cairo is back and Rome found a reason to keep the spring in his step. Lairea is a big enough place to explore, for now but it won't be forever. And he can't help it if being himself leaves some of his siblings with more on their plate than they can chew, explorers have to explore not bake cakes all day.


Rome is...

A flirt. He's always been a smooth-talker. Rome doesn't necessarily mean to flirt with everyone, but it just comes naturally. It's hard to tell when he's actually serious or if he's trying to get something from you so watch out for those pretty eyes and cotton-candy words. Rome is a bit of a heartbreaker.

Adventurous. Rome is an explorer. He can't stand to be stuck in one place for too long and Alianor has nearly exhausted its new avenues. He longs to take his twin and trek across all of the world, without worry for the rest off the family or how they'll get by. He has a knack for getting himself into trouble without meaning to on his expeditions but, Rome is almost always able to talk his way out of things. If not, then he's got a big brother who'll look out for him, so why sweat it right?

Family-oriented. Even though he might seem off in his own world at times there is nothing Rome loves more than his family. The death of his parents hit Rome hard and his twin was the only thing that brought him back from his depressive slump. He loves his siblings and can be very protective of them, though his protective seems to involve scaring everyone he disapproves of off with gross antics and dirty tricks. Rome tends to be most protective of Cairo ironically and Paris, as he believes they need someone to look out for them constantly.

Jealous. Rome is not very good a sharing. Anything really. He makes an exception for Paris, but that's really it. He doesn't like to share his things, his friends or his family. It's not really a big issue in the bakery as he has all his tools to himself or at home when he can yell at Cairo for taking his food but outside home....This has a tendency to backfire and get Rome into trouble. He gets easily jealous when someone he likes shows interest in anyone but him and shows this by flirting with everyone else under the sun.

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Rome is a mischievous mermaid, matched only by his twin, paris. He likes to make a habit out of annoying his older brother cairo and naturally by extension his friends. He's can be super jealous and a trickster but he really loves exploring and is a major sweet-talker.
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