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Hugo doesn't remember much. from when he was a little boy. His brother's vague memories are all he really can rely on, and Hugo rarely talks to the guy anyway, despite the fact that they're brothers and Hugo's always admired him.
Hugo's been a live-in-the-moment sort of guy for as long as he can remember, and has only recently started questioning his true origins. He doesn't remember his parents at all- not what they looked like, not what they were like, or why he'd been given to the DuPonts in the first place. He never remembered a time where he wasn't grateful, though. He'd been brought up in a good, stable (in his eyes) family and had gotten on with Nikita since they were scarcely more than infants. Frankly, Hugo doesn't think they would've ever been friends had he and Nikita not been forced together at such a young age.

She was a brilliant girl, his best friend. They'd caused trouble and wreaked havoc since practically before they could walk. His earliest memories, the good ones, have always happened while at Nikita's side. Truthfully, he didn't mind always being her shadow, being behind her. Hugo was never a leader. He followed Nikita wherever she went, and that was that. Hugo never questioned it.

He worried after her, always. He knew the pressure of being the perfect, precise DuPont woman constantly weighed on her, despite what she said that told him otherwise. So he took up the role of distracting her, with jokes and gentle teases and whatnot. And when she needs it most, Hugo was and is always there for Nikita, as a shoulder to cry on or a hand to hold or even a dog to pet. Hugo will always be there for Nikita.

He's followed Nikita all the way to the Academy and truthfully, he's always wanted to be a knight. Which little boy never dreamt of being a knight? For Hugo, the opportunity to go to the Academy is a dream come true. He gets to learn alongside his best friend, as he always has wanted to. He gets to learn to use his ability to shift into an Irish Terrier to his advantage, to fight, and to learn the ways of a proper knight. He already considers himself as close to Nikita's personal guard as one can get, so he hopes to do the DuPonts proud of him by becoming a knight and passing the Academy with flying colors.

Hugo's deepest fear is losing Nikita, not only because he knows he will be useless to the DuPonts without her, but because he cares for her, deeply and fiercely. He can't imagine a life without her in it, because to Hugo, there wasn't a time before Nikita.

Hugo has only recently come to question some of the DuPont's methods and tactics of running things, seeing how they have affected each member of the family. He still chooses to be naive and support the DuPonts out of blind loyalty, as they raised him themselves and gave him Nikita. Hugo doesn't know another life, nor does he want one. Hugo is perfectly content with the life he has, and is hoping against hope that it doesn't fall apart.

Naughty: Hugo's sense of humor and his personality are equally naughty. Hugo is a cheeky son of a bitch, making sexual jokes constantly. He is also naughty in that he's a lot more, well, open with his sexuality than any kid his age ought to be. He regularly "hooks up with" girls and guys alike, too many and too often. Hugo doesn't really care what you think about him though. People's opinions never seem to harm him.
Judgmental: Consistent with the DuPonts' views on people, Hugo tends to be very judgmental toward people. He always judges the book by its cover. His blunt and straightforward comments tend to be misconstrued as "mean," whereas Hugo has simply not been taught any better. His opinions, when not held back, are very harsh.

Smug: Again, consistent with a core DuPont value, Hugo tends to be smug. A stupid smirk is nearly always plastered to his face, usually accompanied by a cocked eyebrow. He's a cocky ass, and he doesn't care in the slightest.

Loyal: Hugo is loyal to the point where it's lethal. He'd follow Nikita over a cliff without question. His loyalty to her and the other DuPonts is utterly blind. He has been expertly trained by them to follow their orders. He is loyal like the Irish Terrier he can shift into at will.

Smart: Despite his growing reputation for being a troublemaker, asshole, and bad boy, Hugo is incredibly intelligent. He has a true penchant for learning and really wishes to challenge himself. School comes easily to him, and he gets in trouble occasionally for being a smart-ass to the teachers and mouthing off.

Protective: Hugo is fiercely protective, not only just of Nikita, but of the DuPonts in general. Comments against the family are taken by him personally, and although he tends to shrug off the comments, they stick with him. After all, the DuPonts are his family.

Charming: Hugo could literally charm the pants off anyone. He can read people pretty well and determine just what he needs to do to get them to like him. With Hugo, what you see the first time isn't what you get.

Naive: Hugo's chosen to stay blind to the true ways of the DuPonts for most of his life. He is forever grateful to them and thusly chooses not to judge their ways. He knows there is something awfully wrong with their family and the way it's run, but he chooses to adamantly ignore it in favor of doing other, more pleasurable things.
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Best Friend
Young Irish terrier shifter who tends to be judgmental and mischievous. He's Nikita's bestest friend, and is loyal to the point where it's lethal. He's just an ass in general.
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