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 Posted: Dec 1 2017, 03:05 PM
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Jesse is basically my teenage male version of Holly Golightly except he's got a bit more goals than she ever did. He's a vague, carefree and slightly melancholic pixie dream boy. He never really shows anything other than his elegant and nonchalant nature to the world. Jesse got to grow up away from Emeraude and the fighting so he is more well-adjusted than his older brothers are. He never had any real allegiance or memory of his parents so he doesn't really base his life on their absence. Working as a tailor's apprentice now Jesse is focused on one day having a tailoring shop of his own.

Friends: With his 'whatever will be, will be' attitude people tend to be very drawn to Jesse. He comes off as very delightful and mysterious to people. Jesse never really delves deep into anything emotional and prefers to keep an air of fun mischief about him at all times. Much like a Lana Del Rey song though Jesse has this underlying sad vibe. He isn't really sure himself where it comes from since he thinks himself as a very happy person. He would get along best with playful people as long as they aren't too intense.

Enemies: There aren't many people that get on Jesse's nerves. However, a person's mentality might make him not want to be around them. People that take life way too seriously and have no vitality to them tend to drain Jesse of his happy attitude. So he rather avoid them than have them ruin his fun vibe.

Lovers: Jesse is flirtatious and just starting to branch out in the world of love. He's very curious about other boys and girls. I think he would be open to anything really. He's not one to set limitations on himself. Jesse is gender-fluid and is as comfortable in a dress as he is in a suit. He doesn't see why there has to be a divide especially when it comes to fashion. As a tailor, he is very fond of new styles of clothing and it would be the quickest way to his heart to be a fashionable person.

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