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 up all night, 12 years ago
 Posted: Nov 18 2017, 04:01 PM
years old
Lys is a renowned zoologist throughout Lairea and is the owner and sole keeper of the largest menagerie and botanical garden in the peninsula on her estate in Alianor. Her husband is a recluse, locked away after his curse killed their eldest daughter. She sent her other two children away to the Academy to keep them safe, though she is still trying to lure her husband out and get things back to the way they used to be.
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clemence poesy

One of the lionesses had been sick all night and Lys was starting to fear for the worst. The poor thing was pregnant, and so so young. She normally separated out the younger lionesses when they went into heat, to save them from early pregnancies and allow them to grow and mature a bit more, like she had learned how to do with the horses her family bred. Selective breeding, not chaotic breeding, was the best way to ensure the health of the animal and the offspring.

She rubbed at her eyes, stifling a yawn as she tried to speak soothingly to the young lioness. The poor thing was so ill that she wasn't even responding to her. Lys was stroking her fur, feeling the heat that radiated off of her. Sending a maid to go fetch some towels and cold water, she contemplated her options once she had brought down the temperature of the mother to be. The other lionesses were crowded around the sick bay that Lys had constructed in the stables, and they were looking inquisitively at her, though they didn't speak to her. Most of the animals didn't dare interrupt when one of them was sick and Lys was trying to help lest they break her concentration.

As the early morning sun started to shine into the stables, she yawned again, closing her eyes as she realized that the children would be up soon, and so would her husband. She'd have to send the maid up to dress them, though she would normally be the one to help them. She knew that nurses and maids and governesses were supposed to do such things and as the mother and a Countess in her own right, a Duchess by marriage, she was supposed to let them, so she might have her time freed for more important things, but she didn't care about what should be done. She adored her children, and she wouldn't give up such precious moments of their youth if she didn't have to.

Breakfast. She'd have to send the maid to have the cook prepare breakfast. Oh and Matthias would be up soon and see she hadn't come to bed even though she had promised to be right back after she had checked on the mother-to-be. One of the cubs had been the one sent to wake her up to inform her of the illness in the first place, and the lion cub had been so exuberant in his duties that he had woken the both of them up rather abruptly with his attempt at pouncing. She would have to speak with them about that later. It was one thing to wake her up, there was no need for both of them to be awake all night.

Once the towels were in her possession, she dampened them and spread them out across the mother, hopefully bringing down the fever. As the lioness sighed and stopped shaking in her sleep, Lys felt the relief of it having worked. It was only then that she felt as though she could leave for a few minutes. Standing up, she tried unsuccessfully to brush the bits of hay off of her nightgown, but all she succeeded in doing was spreading them out a bit and smudging dirt into the silk.

Heading out of the stables, the other lionesses entered to keep watch while she went into the house. She passed her children on the way to their breakfast, the three of them awfully excited to see their mother in her disheveled state. Normally if they saw her this much a mess, with straw in her hair and dirt on her nightgown, that meant one of the animals had had babies and that was always exciting to them. The girls loved holding the tiny just born creatures, no matter what they were, they would cup their palms together and coo over the babies. Her son liked to name them. Her sweet children were thus exceptionally excited for more lion cubs. Their pride had been growing rather well, and some of the cubs from the last year as well as some of the adults had gone to the zoo in Samavia, so they were eager to have new friends.

"Not yet my darlings, listen to Maria, go have your breakfast."

She spoke softly to them, turning them each in turn towards the maid and lightly pressing them on their back to encourage them to go on without her. It was with a smile and a sigh that she watched them go, before turning back with the intention of returning to her room to at least get something more appropriate to wear.

 Posted: Nov 29 2017, 02:36 PM
years old
Mathias lived a pretty blessed life with a beautiful wife and family until he was cursed during the war. He now spends all his time alone trying to reverse his curse and its consequences.
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Chris Pine

exactly how I dreamed it
It was hard to sleep without Lys by his side. He would toss and turn, getting up out of bed only to take glances out the window and still see the light in the lion's den still lit. He supposed it was selfish to wish for her warmth and comfort when she was busy trying to help the pregnant lioness. Honestly, he was worried about them both. the lioness seemed teetering health wise day and night while Lys grew more and more exhausted every day. More than once Matthias had wondered if he should go consult with a zookeeper or a lion expert of some sort to see if there was anything he could make for the lioness to calm her a bit.

Those were hard to come by in Lairea though. How useless he felt. Though he knew all sorts of droughts and potions that could have aided a human mother in a similar situation he had no clue how to help the lioness and thus no clue how to alleviate Lys from the task. Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes he began to get out of bed just as Lys came into the bedroom. Smiling brightly at her he called her over to him, "won't you come rest your eyes for a bit? I can watch the lioness for a while."

He was not sure how the lioness of her compatriots would feel about it but they must have known by now he meant them no harm. He had no doubt in his mind Lys had already probably talked their little lion ears off about him. There was something in the way the lionesses looked at him that made him think maybe Lys was presenting him far past his actual worth and goodness. He stretched as he moved over to where Lys was, wrapping her in his arms and kissing her nose, "you will be no good to anyone if you are depleted, my love."

That was not exactly true. Lys could probably outperform anyone on her worst days. Still, it was his duty as a husband to offer little white lies so as to get his overworked wife to rest a bit, "What will it take for you to take just an hour rest?"

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