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 Fujioka, Melchor, 35 | human | Conrad Ricamora
 Posted: Nov 16 2017, 03:29 PM

Melchor Fujioka NICKNAME: Mel, though no one uses it without permission unless they want to die MEMBER GROUP: civilian PLAYBY: Conrad Ricamora SEXUALITY: gay YEAR OF BIRTH: 1871 CURRENT AGE (BY SPRING 1906): 35 OCCUPATION: professor SPECIES: human LOCATION: Roux History Melchor really had no choice but to rise to greatness. He was the only son of one of the very rare and very few Knight Priests of Lairea. His father, Nobuo, was a great man and accordingly Melchor grew to hate him for it. For one thing everyone expected things out of Melchor making him very much not want to meet their expectations. Secondly, his father, his only parent since his mother died giving birth to him, was always too busy to give him much of his time. Melchor doesn't speak much of his childhood with the priests. He doesn't speak much of his childhood at all. In all honesty as far as Melchor is concerned he's not sure he ever really was a child to begin with. As soon as he was old enough to go off on his own he did and he has not looked back since. Cameras interested him from a young age. He liked the idea of being able to capture something important just as it was happening. Rather sure he would never be the subject of importance he settled for the idea of being able to share it with the world. Cameras were rather large and clunky but he still packed up all the gear and traveled to strange and dangerous places to see what he could capture. It never dawned on Melchor that he was putting himself in danger. The bit of time he had with his father had resulted in massive training so he was very capable of taking care of himself. Still, that did not mean he did not run into trouble. He was a foreigner in hostile lands and that often meant people were going to find a way to pick a fight with him one way or another. He has to admit though his biggest struggle took place in the stem. It was a lawless and hopeless place. He was one of the first photographers to go in there since photography had been invented and he was pretty sure he would be the last with how barely he made it out of there. He was recruited by the Ambrose Institute despite being a bit too old for their shenanigans. Still he learned a lot of valuable things there. He was never much of a patriot though. He succeeded because it was his job not because he cared about the state of Roux. He cared for the people of course and grew to find the spy job rather appealing. He would not get any of the glory his father had but he was doing the work and that had to count for something. During the Emeraudian war he joined the military simply to photograph the event. Initially he was sent in as a mechanic but was quickly updated to weapons specialist. He never wrote to anyone during the campaign. The only person of importance in his life still was his father and seeing as how Nobuo was in the trenches with him it seemed pointless to connect. The war came and went. Melchor watched as his fellow soldiers seemed to lose themselves once they were civilians again. He always had Ambrose to go back to but they seemed undone once the necessity to stay alive subsided. He felt sad for them, more sad than he'd ever felt for anything ever. He's found that when he has the time he enjoys guiding people to helpful places like Dr. Rodger Hall's offices. He is not sure if he has the skills to help them himself but he likes to think by guiding them there he's helped them in some way. That and using the doctor as a reference for solving problems in the institute has been a real joy to him. He doesn't know how this Crisis Management position will pan out at Ambrose. He has never thought of himself as highly skilled or much of a teacher really to be able to share in those supposed skills. Still, the job is important. If he can teach the kids what he had to learn on the job then it could only result in a better set of spies for the future. Melchor has never had such a permanent position before though. He's a rolling stone and he got used to never getting attached to anything and being as adaptable as possible. This is his first time even owning a home for fuck's sake. He has no idea what to do with it and it's remained rather empty for some time now. With the money he is earning he is considering putting on an exhibit of his best photography work. He's been asked before to do it but he's never really had the time or liked how it was offered. With money though he supposes he can do an exhibit however he feels like. Photography is keeping him grounded in this weird new sedentary lifestyle. In his free time he still looks for dangerous and exciting subjects to shoot. He's taken a liking to the refugee camps and documenting the struggle there. Personality No-Nonsense: One of Melchor's current struggles is connecting with the kids he teaches because he's never had a silly bone in his body. He takes everything way too seriously because he knows that if he doesn't do something right someone could die. He doesn't take to liars or lazy people but he will also rather cut them off than wait for them to miraculously change. He figures that he doesn't need that kind of negativity in his life and as exciting as it can be for a while to deal with he would much rather enjoy the company of like-minded individuals. Brave: Melchor did not get to where he is out of chance. He's run an impressive career as a spy succeeding in most of his missions, nearly all of them in fact. He's not afraid to run into danger. Though he has enough sense to be wary if someone else needs his help he won't hesitate to act. He's been in disaster zones all his life. It hasn't made him indifferent to pain or trauma, but it has forged him in fire. Despite his small stature and lithe frame Melchor is confident in his fighting skills. He's been trained very well and feels that he can take on anything if he has enough time to really address its weaknesses. Cold: The only love he's ever known is his father's and that has made him believe that to care for someone means to challenge them to make them stronger versions of themselves. He is not a touchy-feely kind of person and doesn't often go easy on someone else's emotional issues. the only exception to this has been traumatized soldiers: though he isn't much of a shoulder to cry on Melchor does try to help them find peace. His way though is to toughen someone up so they can face the world better. He thinks it a disservice to people to treat them like they cannot handle the tasks he gives them. Rational: Melchor is not in the spy game because of some sense of national pride or a need to please anyone. He's in it because he thinks its worthy of his time. Being a spy allowed him a lot of freedom to go to places he might not have gone to before. To Melchor it was a means to an end. He does like teaching despite having pretty obvious flaws in the task. He is actively looking for ways to increase his value as a teacher and as a spy. He doesn't do anything half-assed and though he feels like he has coasted in life in reality he has made a very strong career for himself. Sample RP See Alexiel.
 Posted: Nov 29 2017, 05:56 PM
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He seems like an all-around hardened, tough-guy! Someone like that is perfect to teach at Ambrose. His students will be the best of the best!
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