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 Cooper, Rayna, human | 26 | army lieutenant
Rayna Cooper (Jess)
 Posted: Mar 26 2017, 10:04 PM
years old
Army Lieutenant
slightly violent
army lieutenant Rayna Cooper is a courageous woman, albeit, slightly violent. Though she is often looked down upon as both a human and a woman, her skill and determination are often what lead people to giving her respect, and in return, gaining it back from her. She's loyal to a fault, and unforgiving of betrayal. And she really, really enjoys proving people wrong.
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Rayna Cooper



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army lieutenant



During the summer of 1880, a beautiful little girl by the name of Rayna Cooper was born the youngest of three girls. Her father had wanted a son desperately after his first two daughters, so he was especially harsh on Rayna to live up to the expectations of society. As a child, her two sisters would force her into frilly dresses and cake her face in ridiculous makeup. They fit easily into the expected role of being overly feminine, and the perfect daughters, but Rayna was the exception in the family. She was the disgrace, growing up.

Starting from age five, Rayna got herself into loads of trouble. She would rather rough house with the boys in her neighborhood then talk about the latest gossip with her sisters and mother. Many times, her father had to drag her inside, and reprimand her for acting "unladylike" and "like a man." It really didn't stop her from doing what she wanted though.

Her relationship was strained with her family. She often felt isolated from them, as they shared none of her interests and beliefs. She would often ask her own mother why she was being reprimanded for simply being herself. Her mother would always tell her the same thing. "Sweetheart, it's unladylike of you. You are a young lady, you must act like one."

She truly did try to act the way her parents wanted her to. At least, for a while. It was miserable time, and she was unhappy. The only times she found any peace was when her uncle, Emerson, showed up during the summers. Her uncle was very supportive and open-minded, a kindhearted man but with the nobility of soldier. She looked to him as more of a father figure than her own father.

It was at the age of thirteen, during the summer of 1893, after a particularly bad fight between her and her parents occurred that her uncle came to talk to her. She voiced her hatred about conforming to the traditional views of women that her family had, and her uncle had told her a story about a general in his army base who was a woman, that reminded her uncle a lot of Rayna herself. The story sparked an interest in Rayna, and asked her uncle to teach her about being a soldier.

Through the next few summers, Rayna had decided what to do with her life. She wanted to be a soldier like her uncle, and through those few years, her uncle had been teaching her to fight and use weaponry. He taught her not only the physical aspect of being a soldier, but a moral code which he himself lived by.

War broke out while Rayna was still a minor, and so she talked to her parents about joining the war when she became legal. Her parents didn't support her, but really, Rayna had stopped caring a long time ago about what they thought, and the minute she became legal age, she was signed up for the military.

Her skills and hard work were ignored, however. Because she was a women, and because she was human, she was put on the sidelines as a chef. She fought and argued, but the higher ups had threatened to give her dishonorable discharge, despite her not truly doing anything to deserve it. Desperate to prove herself to them, she agreed, and became a chef.

The first few months of her enrollment were miserable. She was unhappy with her lowly rank, and kept begging the higher ups to give her a chance. They ignored her time and time again.

A year into the war, Rayna got notice that her uncle had been killed in battle, and with that notice came another, that she'd been disowned by her parents. The letter from her parents had not struck her as horribly as the devastation that was her uncle's death. Her mentor and father figure had been killed before he got to see Rayna rise in the ranks. She was heartbroken, but never once had it driven her from her goal. Ultimately, the grief made her more determined to rise in the ranks.

She didn't have the chance to try and push and pressure the higher ups into saying yes again. The military camp she was stationed at was invaded by the enemy, and Rayna acted without hesitation or fear. She jumped into battle with only a cleaver for a weapon, and managed to make her way through to the man in charge. She killed him easily, as he had underestimated her because of her gender and species, as everyone else did, and she managed to behead him with a cleaver.

The rest of the enemies had fled, due to her killing the one who was giving their orders. Rayna became a war hero, and though it was what she always wanted, she was plagued by shock and guilt by how violent her actions were. Though she knew it was necessary to kill him, she also felt the violent way in which she had done so was morally wrong. Still, she decided to prove herself worthy again, when she was given a high ranking in the army for her heroic actions. She was made the first female, human lieutenant, and she held the title with honor and pride.

Three years after the war ended, she still serves with this same honor and pride. Having protected her people from rising evils, she feels almost rehabilitated from her violent actions that gave her the very position she holds with such content.

There is a sort of expectation a woman is urged to live up to. Out of the three sisters, only one of them did not live up to these expectations. That one would be Rayna Cooper. Growing up, she had always been the one left out. She did not enjoy the life her sisters were living, one where their only focus was marriage and children. Fancy dinner parties and rich men. Her family believed she was selfish and did not care for the expansion of their family, when in reality, she just did not share the same interests, and believed women had more of a role instead of being pretty little housewives.

Rayna's belief is what led her to speaking with her uncle, who was a soldier in the army. She expressed her want to do something more with her life, and it was her uncle who advised her and peaked her interest in joining the military.

Eager to learn and a determined, hard worker, Rayna learned from her uncle quickly. Not just about how to fight and use weaponry, but the morals that went along with being in the military. The respect, the honor, and bravery that had to go along with it. Her uncle became her mentor, and a better father figure than her own was, and from him, she became a noble, courageous, and kind woman.

She joined the military upon turning the legal age, and was furious when they assigned her to be a chef during the war. She constantly tried to prove herself, but ended up failing, as the higher ups did not care for her skill, but instead, judged her on her species, and her gender. However, that need to prove herself never went away, and the day the militia camp was raided, Rayna proved herself by beheading one of the enemy's Captain's with a cleaver she found in the kitchens.

She was plagued by guilt and disgust at what she had done, but knew it was a necessary evil to protect the people in the camp. Because of her actions, the rest of the enemy militia had fled, fearful of what to do without their leader. She was awarded a rank in the military, a real one, achieving what she had always wanted; to do something with her life, and prove women were equal to men.

Rayna's heroism comes with a few faults; her need to prove can lead to her being provoked into dangerous situations that could cost her her own life. While she isn't foolish enough to risk the lives of her own troops, she'd gladly risk her own to prove that she's capable enough.

She's optimistic, and always believes there will be a good outcome, and while this can be a good thing, it often leaves room for disappointment.

Rayna is also extremely stubborn, and if she says the grass is blue, she will argue until the end of time that the grass is blue, even if she realizes that she's wrong.

Sample RP
Some days, Freya had full control of her curse. This is not to say things went perfectly. If things went perfectly, Freya would never feel negative emotion. She would never feel pain or misery. She wouldn't feel somebody else's heartbreak from just passing by them. Some days, Freya had full control of her curse. On these days, Freya would be able to pass by that distressed mother, and push away those feelings of emptiness and sadness. On these days, Freya could pass by that homeless man on the corner, who didn't just look sad, but felt more pain then Freya could ever hope to deal with.

Today was just one of those days she didn't have control.

She blamed the fact she had been running late for work this morning. She hadn't had time to meditate, and was out of the door before she could even finish putting on her shoes. Then she spent the day dealing with people who needed to speak to her, a therapist, for god's sake. They were all either upset, or bitter, or angry. There were the few who didn't give off any emotion, which made Freya very concerned. Then her mother had called, and they had a long chat on the phone. Her mother had cried, begging her to come back to Ireland, and Freya did miss her mother, she missed Ireland, but she knew she couldn't go home.

Walking down the street, it seemed person after person she passed by was miserable, and it was all piling up. It finally reached it's peak when a couple began to argue across the street. The man was insulting his wife, calling her crude names. He was so full of hatred and anger, not even a spark of love for the woman. His wife, on the other hand, was hurt. She was broadcasting so much pain and heartbreak that Freya's eyes had began to water at some point. Between her own emotions, everything else she'd felt today, not meditating, and now watching this, Freya felt like she had the weight of the world on her shoulders and she could do nothing of it.

Trying to calm herself down before she gave herself an anxiety attack, Freya pushed passed the nosy, interested crowd that had began to gather on her side of the street to watch the argument. The group of people not concerned for either member of the couple, but really just sticking their noses in places it didn't belong. She knew she had to get out of there. Calm down. Find somewhere private and clear her head. Hell, maybe she'd even get lucky and find someone with a positive emotion that she could use to push away the pessimism.

Once she was far away from the crowd of people, Freya leaned against the brick structure of a little corner store. Her head was pressed against the wall, and her eyes were cast upwards at the sky. She took a few deep breaths, blinking tears that didn't really belong to her out of her eyes. She was still feeling the emotions between both members of that couple, and she had a feeling it wouldn't fade until later when she got to meditating.

Letting out a loud exhale Freya rubbed at her temples, trying to calm the growing headache that usually came from feeling such strong emotion.

 Posted: Mar 26 2017, 11:07 PM
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Rayna is a total badass and she was pretty lucky to have someone like her uncle around to believe in her. I'm curious abut this very violent side of her though I'm sure the enemy would rather not encounter it again, haha!

May she forever kick everyone's butt!

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