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 I am what you made of me, Drury's grandparents and parents
 Posted: Nov 12 2016, 12:07 AM

Guns + ammunition BOOM Dulce Glen Dulce loves her children in order of least headache: Edith, Bryan and Leticia last. Edith was a joy of a pregnancy and it seemed anything that ever went truly marvelous in her life happened while Edith was by her side. This i why she has never demanded much of her but her love and affection. Bryan was her first child and a terrible pregnancy. He took forever to get married and though he has fine children they don't really meet her very high and almost impossible expectations for the Glen barony. He is the heir though and thus she has to put up with him. Leticia of course is the problem child. She got married at fifteen against her mother's wishes and honestly Dulce is only happy she doesn't see her around much. She has to admit though she likes Leticia's twins more than she likes Bryan's children, they at least have gumption. Mother of: Bryan, Edith and Leticia Glen. Grandmother of: Drury, Grenadine, Emerson, Arden and Madison. 78 / Blythe Danner Casey Glen Casey is a retired baron far too old and tired to keep up with the trouble of being a proper lord. Luckily for him his Bryan is there to take care of things like a proper heir should. Casey seems to be the exact opposite of his wife. He spends all the time he can with his children (even Leticia) because he loves them each greatly. He only wishes to see them happy. Bryan and Leticia seem so but it is Edith he worries about in his old age. He wishes to see her settled and well before he passes on in this world. Father of: Bryan, Edith and Leticia Glen. Grandfather of: Drury, Grenadine, Emerson, Arden and Madison. 80s / Michael Caine Leticia Maraschino (maiden name: Glen) Leticia married David when she was really young and gave birth to their perfect twins soon afterwards. As if that was all she planned to do in life she gave in to all the pleasures and distractions the world had to offer. She is extremely hard on Grenadine while she is much more lenient on Drury. She spoils them both immensely. She is the one who became friends with Hallgerd Whitefell and introduced her to the rest of the family. The werewolf countess is probably the only thing she feels she has left in common with her older siblings. Mother of: Drury and Grenadine Maraschino. Sister of: Bryan and Edith Glen. 40 / Naomi Watts David Maraschino David has never denied his wife or his children anything. He was an older man who fell for the young Leticia in her teenage years and was very surprised when she returned his affections. He is often in a state of trying to please her with home renovations, impromptu romantic vacations, and jewels upon jewels. He knows he should focus more on the twins and does genuinely love them both dearly and wish them the best. He just cannot hep but be preoccupied by his wife's fancies. Father of: Drury and Grenadine Maraschino. 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 Posted: Apr 19 2018, 08:04 PM
years old
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Belen's been on her own for nearly half of her life now, and she thinks she's doing alright. Still a bit unmotivated, definitely still in need of a nap, but she's made a lot more friends and gotten into a fair bit of trouble. Currently working as a freelancer for the vidrohan (mostly just to help Phoebe and Astrid) and hanging about the Academy with Natalie and Todd, Belen is a bit worried that the other shoe is about to drop.
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taking leticia because of course I am.....seriously. I have a problem.
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