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 Keep It Simple, Tag: Hector
 Posted: Dec 30 2017, 01:24 AM
years old
Small firecracker of a human. Rosie was taken in off the streets by Ellie Thompson affectionately called Auntie when she was young. She has learned of her guardian and some of her new family's line of working and decided to help them however she can. Rosie has a giant weakness for pretty girls.
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Rosie slipped on her shoes and shouted a quick goodbye from the front door as she headed out. She left in no hurry, mainly trying to kill as much time as she could so that she wouldn't have long to wait. Rosaline took the familiar walk to Roux with her hands in her pockets and eyes ahead to dissuade any strangers attempts at conversation. It wasn't until she started along the streets filled with shops and delicious smells that she let her eyes wander.

Wandering eyes were more of a blessing than she could have hoped as Rosaline spotted girl with the curliest blonde hair smiling from inside a bookshop. She crossed the street and hurried into the store with no intentions of shopping. Rosie picked up the first book that she could reach and brought it to the counter, willing her face not to show how adorable she found the other girl's laugh. Talking with the blonde was easy and Rosie might have found herself late had the large clock behind the counter gone off loudly announcing the hour.

She left the store with promise to come by again and colored cheeks to make her name. Rosie ran the rest of the way to her destination to keep on time. By the time she stumbled through the coffee shop door she was out of breath. Rosaline took a second to try and catch her breath before sliding up to the counter and harassing the barista.

"Hey. I'll take you, to-go." She grinned, setting the book she purchased on a whim between them and pushing it towards Hector. "I bought this for you. "

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