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 Chameleons, approved
 Posted: May 15 2018, 01:46 PM
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A species that takes from those it mates and uses their abilities. For example, Rayna's father was a lightning dragon meaning he could breathe lighting instead of fire and swore he could never be hurt by it. This is why Rayna can, in deep anger, produce lighting from her fingertips though she can be hurt by it. This is also why on stormy nights she grow dragon wings. She has the ability to mentally connect with other half dragon half chameleons though she cannot get into anyone else's head. Her ability to use magic is also limited to having the ability to heal and some light telekinesis.

A chameleon has a regular human lifespan no matter what species their parent bred with. Chameleons are an unknown species long forgotten in time. They do not have any sort of community and the only way they might recognize one another is the inability to use the mind trick on each other.

To be clear though the only abilities a chameleon gets are based on their non-chameleon parent. They cannot inherit any abilities that their chameleon parent had received from their non-chameleon parent if that makes sense. For example, Rayna's mother was a chameleon with fairie abilities. Rayna cannot inherit her faerie abilities.

Magical Abilities

There is only one power that comes naturally to any chameleon and that is having slight mental persuasion over others. This is how they usually get other creatures to mate with them.

Chameleon weaknesses really depend on who their non-chameleon parent is. For example, Rayna would be affected by nightshade just like a dragon would be. Naturally, Chameleon's could have any human weakness. Another thing to note is another dragon-chameleon mix could result in different abilities in the children if they come out as chameleons. They might have more or fewer abilities than Rayna does and they can certainly be different altogether based on what kind of dragon their non-chameleon parent was. Thus, there is no sure way in how to train a chameleon to control their abilities. Each chameleon is a unique case.

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