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 guide to atlantis
 Posted: Sep 19 2016, 06:28 PM
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Located under the waves, south of Samavia, lies the city of Atlantis. It was always underwater, contrary to the myths that humans have written about it, but once it was connected to the world above through seamounts. When war loomed over the city, the seamounts were destroyed, thus isolating the city from the rest of the world.


Atlantis was founded at the dawn of mermaid civilization as those who had been created by the fae wished to have a more permanent home beneath the waves. Several tribes were present at the founding of Atlantis, their descendants still living in the city.

Working alongside fae, they created channels through which all manners of species could make it down to Atlantis, creating a trading hub that was far more technologically advanced than anything on land. It wasn't long before countries above grew jealous and to prevent war, the seamounts that connected Atlantis to the outside world were destroyed to protect the city.

By the time of Plato, the city had already disappeared into myth. Atlantis was a warning against advancing too quickly, it was said the gods turned on the Atlanteans for their hubris, not that jealousy and greed had driven the merpeople to isolate themselves.

The city, isolated though it was, continued to flourish without interference from the world above. Within the city a coven of witches was fostered to help protect the city from those who might find it, working in tandem with swimming dragons who wished their home to remain hidden.

The city is currently under control of the Montero tribe, and it seems as though that will be the case into the near future.



those who may enter and leave atlantis
Saltwater mermaids
Swimming dragons
The Delamar Coven
Aqautic shifters
Gifteds with water related powers
Citizens of Atlantis with papers

those who can't enter or leave atlantis
Non-swimming dragons
Non-aquatic shifters
The exiled




Atlantean typically have darker features than those on the mainland. Light hair and eyes are a rarity, and often seen as a sign of 'otherness', with the exception of the witches of the Delamar coven.


Atlantean society became stagnant with their isolation from the outside world. In their isolation they never became tolerant of different lifestyles. Parties are official and traditional events used to make connections and deals. There are celebrations at large throughout the city on holidays, but these too are traditional events. Alcoholic debauchery is considered criminal.


Dating is unheard of, proper courtship is necessary to pursue a relationship with another. Public displays of affection between any two individuals is considered uncivilized. Same sex relationships have been known to happen, but they are not spoken of in public. Relationships between men are slightly more tolerated than relationships between women, but in all cases, both parties of the relationship will be harassed if their relationships becomes known by the public.


Atlantis is governed by tribes, one tribe ruling over the others. The chosen leader of Atlantis is known as Titan, their consort is known as the Titanis. These titles are regardless of gender. Those who are in a position to inherit sovereignty are referred to as Titanes if male, Titanides if female.

When the leader of Atlantis steps down or passes away, it is customary to hold a tribal moot. Tradition holds that no one shall offer their name in competition against the children of the Titan, but regardless of age or gender, the children may compete against themselves. In trying times, tribal leaders have competed in the tribal moot, sometimes leading to the government changing hands between tribes.

If the consort of the former Titan is still alive when the title passes, they earn the title of Mitera if female or Pateri if male. It is a title of honor, and they remain at court and are revered by the people, but they lack the power they once held.


The typical punishment for most crimes is exile, as there is no crime tolerated within the city. It's painted as a utopia by the tribes in charge, regardless of the realities.

When one is exiled, the proclamation is handed down by the Titan in front of the Witnesses, chosen citizens of Atlantis who wear masks and ceremonial robes to protect their identities. One of these Witnesses is the royal curse caster, whose identity is only known to the Titan. The Titan is believed to be the only mermaid able to cast a curse, and the royal curse caster keeps up this illusion by channeling their magic through the Titan's trident.


Titan ~ King or Queen
Titanis ~ Royal Consort
Mitera ~ Queen Mother (mother of the Titan, consort of the former male Titan)
Pateri ~ King Father (father of the Titan, consort of the former female Titan)
Titanes ~ Prince
Titanides ~ Princess
Tribal Leader ~ Duke/Earl level noble
Muse ~ Bard
Oracle ~ High Priestess



Montero Tribe

The Montero tribe is currently ruling over the city, and has been for quite some time. They strictly enforce the rules of Atlantis, certain that if things stay the same, than the 'utopia' that is Atlantis will remain. Out of all of the tribes, they are the most resistant to change. Recently as a whole, they have become more ruthless in their attempts to keep Atlantis molded to their views.

Hesperides Tribe

The Hesperides tribe was considering an alliance with the Sempra tribe to overthrow Titan Lyov after he brutally murdered his wife. One of the daughters of the tribe was taken soon thereafter, leading the others to suspect that a spy was within their midst. Since then, they have not dared to speak out against the Monteros, even in private.

Sempra Tribe

The Sempra tribal leader was the loudest to speak out against the Titan Lyov and they have suffered the most at his hands. Not only was the only child of the tribal leader kidnapped and forced into marriage with Titanes Eric, but several significant tribal members found themselves brought to trial and exiled.

Asturias Tribe

The Asturias tribe was not native to Atlantis, but due to their large numbers, they helped in populating the city. They also brought with them a great deal of information from Lairea, and thus they were given homes instead of having to scrape together a meager life on the outskirts of the city. This endeared their loyalty to the Montero tribe, only further reinforced by the youngest Titanes' courtship of the daughter of the tribe's leader.

Sarena Tribe

The Sarena tribe tends to be quiet on most matters, moving as does the sea dragon in the current. They do what they can to stay in favor, even if doing so goes against their inclinations. Their strategy seems to work for them, as they are one of the founding tribes of Atlantis and though they have never ruled themselves, they have also never gotten caught in any conflicts between the other tribes.

Melite Tribe

The Melite tribe and the Montero tribe have had their issues in the past, but right now they just might be the most loyal supporters of the Montero regime. They routinely round up mermaids without tribes to use them as scapegoats when one is needed. They have spies everywhere both inside and outside of the main city, which makes them a powerful ally.



How do I know if my character can get to or from Atlantis?

First check the entry requirements, if your character meets them, then they are on their way! If your character does not meet the entry requirements, then no, your character can not currently get to or from Atlantis. The only exception is if someone is exiled from Atlantis. Regardless of species, exile is possible for anyone if they break the laws of Atlantis.

When did Atlantis 'sink'?

621 B.C.E. If your character is over ~2,600 years old, then they might know about Atlantis and could have potentially visited there when it was still connected to the outside world. Such characters would not believe Atlantis was a myth, but they wouldn't believe it still existed.

Can my non-Atlantean character know about Atlantis?

If your character isn't a saltwater mermaid and isn't over 2,600 years old, your character probably would not know about Atlantis. It is the best kept secret in the world after all. Only crazy people believe that Atlantis is not a myth, and those saltwater mermaids who live in Lairea that do know of Atlantis tend to laugh at anyone who actually believes the myths.

Can my mermaid be from Atlantis?

If they are a saltwater mermaid, then yes, they could be from Atlantis, but they would never speak of it to an outsider. Even among merpeople who have moved from Atlantis to Lairea and had children, they do not tell their children about their home. Merpeople tend to speak of the tribe they came from, not the name of the city.

What kind of PB should I be using for my Atlantean?

In our creation of Atlantis we have been trying to look for Native American, First Nations, Indigenous Peoples, Pacific Islanders, or those of mixed race. Please try to stick to these guidelines when choosing your pb. All native Atlanteans have darker hair and eyes.


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