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 Crescendo Allegro, Composer | 20 | Shifter
 Posted: Feb 8 2018, 09:35 PM
years old
Musical prodigy with a passion for composing. Gregory is trainee from the Institute on a mission to try and in the pocket of a Vidrohan sympathizer running a string of opera houses. Greg is a dhole shifter and familiar to another trainee Apollo Necchi.
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Gregory Sylvester
Gregory never had the most doting home life. His childhood put it on Greg to mature quickly but he is not quite a people person. He has awkward tendencies and tends to be more focus on his own work than the happiness of others. Greg was in training at the Ambrose Institute when they pulled him out for a mission that was in his niche, music. He's undercover trying to shape up a group of musicians to impress the man the school believes to be Vidrohan.

Friends: Voted most likely to only have 6 friends in his lifetime-GREG. He is not a social person, nor does he care much for smoozing up to people. Greg can hold his own in conversations formal and informal but he gets awkward. Gregory is not completely friendless, despite what a certain redhead might suggest. He has a few friends and they would most likely be at the Institute. The only others he might know would be musicians he is working with or patrons.

Foes: More than likely. Greg is not one to go out of his way to be mean to someone. He does however have a thin line of patience for bull and right now with the pressure he is under it's become even thinner. Greg avoid social situations whenever possible and people might think he's aloof or snobbish. He is training to be a spy for Roux and does have a good deal of contempt for Vidrohan.

Fancies: Lovers are welcome to try, though I can't say how far one would get with him. Gregory is very focused on his work and extremely passionate about music. Right now things are stressful enough without adding dating into the mix. He is hetrosexual and finaled to the lovely Ruby Evergreen.

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