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 Posted: Aug 14 2017, 08:46 PM
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angela sarafyan

Ceres Asturias



angela sarafyan




oracle priestess



dying is an art
In the kelp forests she had been a wild thing. She would run away to the shore, confusing the fishermen, trading them pearls and abalone for trinkets from inland. She would be found on pirate ships, drunk on rum, and have to be dragged overboard by her cousins. Nothing had frightened her, nothing was off limits, to her there were no rules.

The elders would scold her, force her to stay in the kelp forest, assign her guards to keep her there. She didn't care, Ceres would find some way or another to trick them or bribe them and she'd get out, only to get dragged home again.

When they had first relocated to Atlantis, she had only caused more trouble for the tribe. Atlantis had even more rules than the kelp forest, and she was breaking them before she even learned them. Only now the authorities of the city were dragging her back home instead of family. There was talk that she would be banned from the city for her reckless and often inappropriate behavior...but then the head priestess, the Oracle Gaea herself, came and requested Ceres as her apprentice. It was agreed by everyone but her that she would go to live in the temple with the other priestesses, and that they would keep her out of trouble.

She had planned to rebel against the terms, but from her first night in the temple, something changed. The gentle affection and attention from the others in the temple was serene and calming. Ceres didn't have to act out to get their attention, she got it simply for being. No longer did she feel like she had to go to extreme lengths to feel free, within the temple she was free. The prying eyes of the Atlantean guards and law enforcers weren't allowed into the temple. The temple had its own rules, and so long as Ceres remained within the walls, she couldn't be touched.

As her wanderlust and curiosities haven't faded, she understands that while the temple keeps her safe, it's still a cage, albeit a very comfortable one. She does care for the others who live in the temple, and she respects the Oracle Gaea greatly, but with the recent development of her younger cousin Thoe's engagement and the way that her great-aunt Myrrine acts on her visits to the temple...something is going on and Ceres doesn't like it one bit.

While she wants to leave the temple and investigate, she knows that she can't leave. Not without bringing the authorities down on her tribe for her disobedience. Thankfully there is plenty to do within the temple. The priestesses are the only ones who possess the ability to weave byssus, also known as sea silk. The oath taken by the priestesses maintains that no one shall buy or sell byssus, and that it may only be given and received as a gift. It is in this that Ceres sees her salvation.

Byssus is rare and valuable, if she could weave a robe for the Titan, he would certainly do anything she asked of him. He could pardon her from paying her penance. He could free Thoe from her engagements. She could weave smaller gifts to help her aunt Myrrine gain the support she needed to bring the tribe back to the kelp forests. It's hard work, though the materials are plentiful, it takes time and great skill to weave the sea silk in such a way that it's elastic and shimmers in just the right way. Soak the fibers wrong, use the wrong dyes, and the entire piece is ruined. Most of the new priestesses are only allowed to use the threads made by the older priestesses to embroider garments of different fabrics, but Ceres has been stubborn in her training, adamant that she learn as quickly as possible.

Surely her life has been heading towards this. Her tribe always thought her to be a nuisance, how incredulous they would be when she proved them wrong and became their salvation.

Sample RP
see belen.
 Posted: Sep 12 2017, 09:26 AM
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What a crazy and wild little priestess. She does not seem to have an 'off' button, does she? Hopefully she will not get too reckless though it seems she plans to.

Never bite the hand that feeds you, Ceres!

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