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 empires rise and fall, the young heirs and heiresses
 Posted: Jan 8 2018, 10:52 PM
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Rule the Empires

I'd rather everyone pick a name they want than I half-heartedly name people.

Luna is the heir to a company that has monopolized food production in a small part of Alianor. Through corruption and sabotage, her parents managed to gain this power. However, she is not the only person who belongs to this class of people who are not old money, gentry, or nobility. Instead, they are new money, creating empires of their own across Lairea and closing ranks to ensure their own survival, even if other people of their caliber refuse to acknowledge them.

Luna's also not the only one with parents who used illicit means to get where they are.

For the most part, the community is so tight-knit you almost can’t help the sense that they’re more like family than friends. Behind the veil, though, there’s a bloody history behind everyone’s connections. Centered on splitting the spotlight as little as possible, these families scheme to keep control at all costs, often crossing the line to do so. Though some of their kids aren’t entirely blind to the heights their parents have reached, most are left unaware even as they are groomed to take over their family’s companies.

Deny it as the high blood families will, the reach of new money is spreading. They are emperors and empresses in their own right, an illegal pseudo-power running under the radar slowly monopolizing the continent's industries.


Cody Christian - 20, Samavia, bastard, werewolf, fishing industry

Jack Griffo - 15, Samavia, genius, werewolf, fishing industry

Laura Harrier - 18, Alianor, owner, witch, textile industry

Piper Curda - 17, Alianor, celebrity, human, media industry

Willow Shields - 15, Common Grounds, human, loan sharks

Roshon Fegan - 19, Roux, spy, human, mineral industry

new money lairea's hidden leaders

Eldest brother in the LaMontagne family, older brother to Malachi. Groomed his entire life to inherit his parents' fishing empire in Samavia. Though he could never understand in recent years why his parents lacked interest in his marriage arrangements when they were all they could talk about for years, Cody was still shocked to find out he was being abandoned because he was never a true LaMontagne. Admitting to an affair, Cody's mother admitted he wasn't his father's son and thus ineligible for the title.

Betrayed, Cody has been looking into the affair and their parent's business only to discover they're indebted to a family infamous for rumors that accuse them of using dark magic to compromise competitor investments. Cody doesn't know how long this arrangement has been doing on but he has been digging for a year and a half now only to find that evidence is piling up against his parents. Recently, he accidentally wrapped himself up in an investigation with a Rouxian spy looking into the same family. After a lot of convincing, he's been inducted into the Ambrose Institute as a White squad trainee, one of the temporary residents there to learn the basics to assist on this mission. He isn't sure how far involved his family is, but they've picked the wrong force to ally themselves with as he's discovered their allys might not just be dark witches, but also somehow tied up with the Vidrohan movement.

*the actor Cody Christian is Native American, and his character's unexplained origins must pay respect to that part of his ethnicity


Jack is the youngest brother in the LaMontagne family, younger brother to Cody and Malachi. Jack's life has been a confusing whirlwind where he never really knew his place. The elder sibling in all families inherited the company, the younger siblings were there as decorations. The best they can do is marry off and marry well. As much as Jack doesn't like the idea of marrying someone he doesn't love, he wants to stop feeling like he's failing them. Even with his older brother pushed out for whatever reason, he's realized his life hasn't changed very much. His parents keep expecting more from him and are continually get disappointed. He's not a socially gifted boy, however intelligent he's shown himself to be. The boy may well be a genius but no one around him seems to understand.

He plays mechanic sometimes in his family's factories, intent on being useful somehow, tinkering with their various machines. His parents don't pay enough attention to stop him and his brothers don't seem to want to rat him out. Upon discovering his parents took a bid on a new release by Diana Mercury, he was immediately perplexed when he heard the news that their engineers couldn't figure out the apparatus. In a move he likes to say can't be stealing since it is his parent's property, he's taken it from the engineers to his study room. He's been tinkering for months but now he's in search of experts who might be able to help him make it work.

Once Jack completes the puzzle set forth by the apparatus, he will be offered a place on Diana's team of new inventors dealing with the void created that gives their lab access to the connection between magic and chaos.

Jack Jack Griffo. 15. Samavia. Fishing.

Though a more modest industry, Laura is happy with what her parents left behind. Orphaned during the war as her parents, both soldiers, took it upon themselves to join the fight, Laura has been doing her best to keep their names clean and her company reputable. Having inherited at a very young age, she had to turn to her parent's old allies for years to make big decisions about where their business is headed.

After the war ended, however, Laura has learned her advisors were under investigation for allyship to the Vidrohan, investigations that ended in muddled circumstances. Though she must keep the information to herself, she is intent on investigating to see if she needs to cut all ties and just how far into her company these influences go.

Laura Laura Harrier. 18. Alianor. Textile industry.

Though her parents were technically old money, it wasn't until recent acquisitions of many smaller companies that Piper's family developed a monopoly on news and tabloid organizations across Alianor. Though she hasn't yet discovered the extents to which her parents will go to manipulate media attention to support their allies in the public eye, all Piper knows is that she's enjoying this life as a celebrity darling.

Having become a household name over the span of a few years, Piper's empire has been solidified amongst the other families. Where many of them haggle for power over money, land, and influence, she holds her own with the immense amount of attention she gets just for her daily goings-on. She may never get sick of the attention, but she is starting to get some negative attention due to rumors of corruption at her company. Her parents have placed all responsibility on her: she must smile and pretend as though nothing is happening. Their company relies on her using her fame to redeem them from this negative press. All eyes must stay on her.

Piper Piper Curda. 17. Alianor. Media industry.

However humble she tries to stay, Willow knows she stands on a lot of shoulders whenever she enters a room. The only daughter of the richest of these empires, the other families look to her as a trophy, though she is so much younger than most of their sons. Once upon a time, she had the ability to look forward to a fairy tale life, finding out what she wanted to do with her future and maybe on the side marrying the man of her dreams. Her parents didn't take their time to spoil that dream. Scared of what the future would hold, she tried to get an idea of what their family really did that made them so powerful. They didn't have a product, they just had strategies.

Willow never considered she could learn too much. Scared of the tactics her family has used to get money, she feels alone as she longs to reach out to the other heirs to confess her discoveries. Whenever she so much as speaks to one of them, the parents always hear about it considering their plans to catch her interest. There's no way to communicate with them without it becoming a public mater. Not just that, but she approaches the age where even the media has something to say about her outing and public appearances. Watched at all angles, she's not sure how she'll be able to escape her fear of the empires' secrets.


Roshon's family was the newest to the fold a few years back and still enjoys that unfortunate mark. While the other kids worry about their parents' arrangements, Roshon realized long ago that his family and the other families have all crossed a line to get where they needed to be. Like a proper hero, he tried to go around warning the authorities about it only to discover that the cops and the lawmakers of their towns were deeply in his parents' pockets.

As punishment for his rebellion, Roshon's parents happened to send him away to a particular 'etiquette' school that Roshon soon figured out was actually a spy academy in Roux. Though he's sure his parents won't catch on, he's giving up all the information he can to Ambrose in the hopes that he'll train up to take down the empires himself.

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