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 time is of the essence, Taki
 Posted: Nov 25 2017, 10:06 PM
years old
Part of a legendary duo of training masters, warriors flock to Setsuna to learn the ways of combat. Those taught by him and his brother go on to become legendary warriors. He is a glider to the Mariscal and Hellion families.
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when your heart's in the fight
He was supposed to be grocery shopping right now. Yes, just now he should have been negotiating prices with the vendors and getting frustrated when they out bargained him. He was supposed to come home with the right supplies and start cooking. Setsuna could almost smell the stew he was supposed to be making. Instead he was sparring with the wooden dummy. There would be no arguing with shop keepers or stews to fill his belly or anyone else's for that matter.Taki would be so disappointed in him for it.

Maybe he would understand that there way of dealing with emotions was to spar. Surely he did the same thing when one of the little local boys didn't respond to his interests or whatever it was Taki got upset about these days. Maybe he'd outgrown such heartache? They were quite older now. Even Setsuna found it hard to chase all the pretty girls about the kingdom. Now he just prefered a hot tea and a short work day to give way to bountiful naps. That was his true happiness now.

Despite his likes changing he was still here with the wooden dummy, contemplating. How many beatings had this thing taken for him in this week alone? Surely more than it deserved. Setsuna could not help himself though. When things got tough to muster he retreated to what he knew best and that was martial arts. Revered as he was in Atlantis and indeed the world over for his skills the fighting had become more of a habit than anything else over the years. Much like breathing or blinking he never thought twice about it. Once hee started to he had to go through the entire sparring routine.

Many things troubled his mind. Last time he'd ventured to the land he'd seen Neptune. Even in great distance he could see his son was troubled. It did not take Setsuna long to realize why. He was worried for his marriage. What could Setsuna do? He still had not gathered the courage to speak to his son let alone who was he to offer advice on women? Josephine was not like Rhea, she was settled into the life she and Neptune had built together. So why was his son so upset?

Was there something he was not seeing? This was not like him. Setsuna was a very good observer. What was alluding him? What was alluding his son?

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