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 take me away, zach mcgowan as final for nadine
 Posted: Sep 17 2017, 01:49 PM

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so Nadine is stuck in a terrible situation, and that's where Zach here comes in. He's a priest turned pirate, preferably he's a mermaid or dragon, disillusioned with how the mainland is treating supernaturals since the war. He's formerly from Samavia, and thus he's rather familiar with the Savary duchy, even more now that he's a pirate and more intimate with the deals they give to pirates.

He's decided to take the islands out of the hands of the Samavian throne and the Savary duchy. He's currently making connections with the other pirates and with those who work on the Savary farms. The islands are sound enough that the pirates should be able to defend them against the Samavian Navy should it try to attack them. Of course that's all a long ways off. He's got to first convince the other pirate captains to go along with him on his scheme.

As for how he meets Nadine, I'm thinking she winds up as a hostage of a different pirate ship and he gets her back, but in the course of trying to return her to her family, she confides that she doesn't really want to go back. When alone together they would be soft and adorable. Add any other people around and the two of them are back to being hard asses who like to pretend they lack most emotions.
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