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 Coffeehouse Casual, Tag: Neptune dad
 Posted: Sep 15 2017, 04:32 PM
years old
Teeny-tiny Grimaldi baby. Clark is a bundle of pure sunshine in human form. He is too trusting for his own good but he loves people and is just generally curious about the world around him, especially his family.
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Clark hurried out of school with the rest of the excited children. A new dusting of snow coated the ground and his classmates let out shrieks of joys as they jumped into snowbanks and chucked snow across the streets at each other. Clark joined in with a happy battle cry. The icy white snow stung his fingers with cold and he thought his mother might have told him he ought to wear gloves today.

Before long a pink faced Clark with mostly numbed fingers raced up to the door of a wonderfully warm cafe. It took a moment of fumbling to get the door open and he grinned at the cozy heat the inside of the cafe boasted. Clark found a table and searched his bag with slowing warming fingers for the coins of his allowance. He bounced up to the counter and bought himself a cup of hot chocolate nearly bigger than his face. He carried the cup back to his table carefully and wrapped his hands around it with a contented sigh.

Knowing it would be better to try and work at least a little on his homework Clark set his math work next to him. He looked it over carefully, still waiting for his drink to cool. A shadow distracted the boy and he looked up with a smile. "Dad!"

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