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Click on the icons for more information about each character. PBs are all suggested, not mandatory. Names marked in red on the index are taken, names in blue are characters that are still available. Please feel free to ask us any questions.


The Agathon Family

a crumbling dynasty

Gabriel Agathon, Daniel Craig, king of Roux

Augustine Agathon, Michelle Pfieffer, queen of Roux

Edmund Agathon, Armie Hammer, prince of Roux

Fleur Agathon, Miranda Kerr, princess of Roux

Baldric Agathon, Sam Claflin, prince of Roux

Cora Agathon, Emilia Clarke, princess of Roux

Arthur Agathon, Hunter Parrish, prince of Roux

Serenity Agathon, Barbara Palvin, princess of Roux

King Gabriel Agathon

Daniel Craig, human, Roux

Born into the line, Gabriel has always been a bit unreadable and reserved as a leader. He, at times, lacks social skills needed to thrive as a royal, but due to his general good judgement and wise ways, he has been able to keep that spirit and unity alive in the hard times. Unfortunately, due to a traitorous adviser’s scheming, he is now under the impression that his beloved wife is having an affair.

Prince Edmund Agathon

Armie Hammer, human, Roux, 29

TAKENCrowned prince of Roux. Edmund avoided his marriage to the late eldest princess of Emeraude because he is in love with a married woman. He feels confined by his title and looks for ways to be relaxed. He makes an effort not to worry about his single status and prefers to be around his family rather than others.

Princess Cora Agathon

Emilia Clarke, human, Roux, 24-27

TAKENShe has a bit of a Napoleon complex. Cora takes after her father and is not the most social or royals. That does nothing, however, to diminish her ambition. She wants to prove herself to her family and show that she is not jsut a ‘spare princess’ for them to marry off to build connections with other kingdoms. Cora is very smart, very controlling, and knows exactly how to achieve her goals at all costs. She can be very snotty towards her family members unless she needs something from them. She would gladly throw them under the bus though if it gave her a chance to shine.

Prince Arthur Agathon

Hunter Parrish, human, Roux, 22/23

TAKENThe youngest prince of Roux. Beloved by the kingdon’s civilians he is considered the Agathon of the people. He feels alienated from his brothers and believes he doesn’t fit in. He lacks the ambition and drive most of the Agathons seem to have but instead is warm and humble. His budding feelings for one of his mother’s spies sent to keep track of him are making his love life rather difficult.

Queen Augustine Agathon

Michelle Pfeiffer, human, Roux, 54

TAKEN A strong leader for her kingdom, the queen has always had ambition and the courage to use it. A former knight and the first lady to become one in the history of Lairea, she puts the passion she used to put in her leadership into her family and her kingdom.

Princess Fleur Agathon

Miranda Kerr, human, Roux, 29

TAKENThe eldest princess of Roux. Fleur has tried her best to keep her family together, despite the forces that seem to be hellbent on tearing them apart. She plays advocate for all of them to each other and to the people of the kingdom. Often times, she is busy feeling sorry for the position she puts herself in that she's starting to grow more selfish. As of late, Princess Fleur has become the focus of many scandals. She has become the victim of a dangerous stalker, she was rumored to be seen at a brothel and she has recently been accused of embezzling money. Fleur has shown no proof that she is working to change her troublesome ways.

Prince Baldric Agathon

Sam Claflin, human, Roux, 28

TAKEN Baldric was once married to a princess of Emeraude and had begun a family with her through his daughter, the only grandchild to the Agathons and the Sweyn royal family of Emeraude. When disaster struck, he lost his wife and child to the war. Their loss has unhinged him a bit and he has turned against his sister, Serenity, truly believing she was a Vidrohan spy. He is distrusting and manic at his worst, though trying to recover.

Princess Serenity Agathon

Barbara Palvin, human, Roux, 21

TAKEN The black sheep of the family, also the youngest. She was charged with being a vidrohan sympathizer and thus locked away in the highest tower of the castle.


The Calvert Family

a strong but unfortunate line

Agnes Calvert, Anne Hathaway, queen of Alianor

Charles Calvert, Idris Elba, king of Alianor

Phillip Calvert, Colin Morgan, prince of Alianor

Alexis Calvert, Amandla Stenberg, princess of Alianor

Queen Agnes Calvert

Anne Hathaway, witch, Alianor, 40

TAKEN Fair and casual, she is always one to make jokes about herself. Agnes stands for equality and is very involved with all kinds of charity projects, which keep her fairly busy. She acts very young, but don't be fooled - she is incredibly wise and gentle. From time to time, she can be a little overbearing with her children, especially the prince because of his illness. She does all this, though, because she just wants them to be healthy and happy.

King Charles Calvert

Idris Elba, human, Alianor, 40s/50s

TAKEN A noble man, he was a strong advocate and voice for Emeraude during the war and was very saddened by its destruction since he had deep friendships with the royalty there. He is outrageously in love with his wife and happy with his life. His children are his pride and he tries to give them as much love and affection as he can. He will always do the right and honorable thing. Unfortunately, not everything can be perfect for the dear king. Lady Lilith, who sought for his hand so many years ago, has returned with a vengeance to cause trouble for the royal family.

Prince Phillip Calvert

Colin Morgan, witch or human, Alianor, 22

TAKEN Humble and though sometimes shy, the crown prince of Alianor is very well-liked by his people. Unfortunately for the royal family, Phillip suffers from a seemingly incurable ailment. At the same party the Margeaux family was cursed, he too was hit. His curse did not immediately show but over time he developed a discoloration in his skin and even scales. There are days where he is supposedly cured and is able to go out in public but most of his time is spent in hiding so that the people do not discover his weakness.

Princess Alexis Calvert

Amandla Stenberg, witch, Alianor, 14/15

TAKENShe is selfless and almost always smiling. The girl does nothing else except think of others. Like her mother, she feels a strong connection to nature and can be often found climbing trees. She has the ability to see into the future but the visions come with a price. They only appear to her in forms of terrible nightmares that wreck her health mentally and physically. Her family is the center of her world, but she at times can get very jealous of all the attention her brother gets.


the Margeaux Family

Certainly a dysfunctional family.

Geraint Margeaux, Mads Mikkelsen, king of Samavia.

Thelonius Margeaux, Hayden Christensen, prince of Samavia.

King Geraint Margeaux

Mads Mikkelson. Human.

TAKEN! Geraint used to be a pretty decent king, until he lost his wife in the war. Now he has an unfathomable and deep hatred for all supernatural beings, including (if not especially) for his son and heir. He has expanded laws in his country to limit supernatural beings and has basically made it his life’s mission to discredit his only son from the throne. He plans on re-marrying and having the perfect fully human child to be his heir. Despite his delusions, he is extremely intelligent, calculated and ruthless.

Prince Thelonius Margeaux

Hayden Christensen. Witch.

TAKEN! The son of King Geraint and the late witch Queen Catherine, Theolonius is the sole heir to the throne. Despised by his father, he tries his best to be the best heir he can be, thinking he can snap his father out of his madness and hate. Still, the pressure can overwhelm him at times. He doesn't know how to help his people or his father and it frustrates him to no end.


The Privileged, the rich and the powerful

Shamus Karol, Benedict Cumberbatch, earl of Roux

Gregory Brooks, Lee Pace, earl of Alianor

Rhiannon Drechsler, Elizabeth Banks, lady of Roux

Diana Knox, Candice Patton, baroness of Roux

Timothy Margeaux, Bill Skarsgard, lord of Samavia

Ella Birke, Lupita N'yongo, viscountess of Alianor

Felix Brooks, Harry Lloyd, lord of Alianor

Meredith Quincy, Sonequa Martin-Green, lady of Roux

Cato Beaumont, Jonathan Groff, lord of Alianor

Thomas Margeaux, Dane Dehaan, Duke of Samavia

Shamus Karol

Benedict Cumberbatch, human, royal advisor and noble, Roux.

Intelligent, ambitious advisor to the king of Roux, often considered his closest friend. He is an earl that befriended the king when they were boys. Pragmatic, practical and very intelligent. Not heartless, but often appears so and never takes breaks from his work.

Gregory Brooks

Lee Pace, witch or human, earl, Alianor.

Greg is the ambitious and intelligent stepbrother to the Queen of Alianor. Although the oldest in the family, he is not yet married and only wants to marry to earn more land or even a duchy. He is typically quite condescending to his younger brother and sometimes even the Queen. Peace never crosses his mind, only power. His younger brother is much more tactful and charming, but also less experienced at getting results like Greg can.

Rhiannon Drechsler

Elizabeth Banks, witch, lady, Roux

Taken!Mother of Esca and actual countess of Roux she runs her part of the kingdom for her son. She loves him unconditionally and madly. She will do anything to make sure he lives the life she wants for him. Manipulative and vindictive she will always get her way. Has flirtations with many of the nobles of Roux, young and old. She keeps her witch identity a secret from everyone, even her son.

Diana Knox

Candice Patton, noble, Roux

TAKEN! Diana Knox is the inheritor of a barony of Roux. After her father died in the war she took over. Diana, unlike her brothers, has a very strong hold on her emotions. She doesn't see the point in getting involved in losing battles, no matter how noble they are. She often chastises her little brothers for having too big of a heart. Though not a knight she takes on a lot of their characteristics. She is very loyal, very honorable, and very chivalrous. Her true loyalty is to her family though and she would betray the crown before she lets anything happen to her brother or mother.

Timothy Margeaux

Bill Skarsgard, cursed human, noble, Samavia

TAKEN!Younger twin brother to Thomas Margeaux, second in line for the duchy ever since his oldest brother Theodore Margeaux gave up his title. Has always been a prankster with a knack for flirting with most women that cross his way. Was cursed at the same party as his family and is often considered the easiest to talk to. Does not agree at all with his parents strict ways and loves art.

Ella Birke

Lupita N'yongo, fairy, viscountess, writer, Alianor.

Witty friend and elegant speaker and writer, often pens the speeches for the Alianor royals, she is married to a viscount with as little ambition as she. Very diplomatic and proud of her kingdom, honored to serve the king and queen. Very respected by all kingdoms as a speaker for peace.

Felix Brooks

Harry Lloyd, Witch or human, noble, Alianor

TAKEN! Also ambitious and intelligent, he is the younger stepbrother to the Queen of Alianor. He schemes for power and often allows himself to go without rest, planning for things to go his way. Unlike his brother, he thinks more of riches and less of power. Thinks much of himself and even competes with this brother, as he is the more charming of the two.

Meredith Quincy

Sonequa Martin-Green, Roux

Lady Meredith Quincy was raised the only daughter of a viscount in Roux and was sent to court as soon as she could curtsy in the hopes that an affiliation with the royal family might improve their status. As she was a similar age with the twins, there was even a brief glimmer that perhaps, just perhaps, she could catch the eye of Edmund and become Queen.

Alas for the Quincy's, that was not the case, but Meredith caught the eye of others at court. Fleur saw her ambition and poise and immediately brought her into her inner circle, knowing that a pretty little lady-in-waiting was always good to have on hand. Marriage arrangements could be made and traded, and in court, that was an excellent asset.

Meredith isn't always keen on how Fleur treats her, especially as of late, and with the recognition of information having power, she's starting to think she might be better off in the long run if she helps Augustine keeps tabs on what Fleur is up to.

Cato Beaumont

Jonathan Groff, werewolf noble, Roux

TAKEN!The Beaumont dynasty are a family of werewolves once known for its heritage and pedigree. The werewolf curse has always been treated as something to cherish and uphold, therefore should someone wish to marry into the family they too would have to become a werewolf. However, over the centuries the bloodline thinned and waned. Illness and inbreeding has sickened the pack, what is left of the family land and money is near nonexistent.

The head of the family, Caesar Beaumont did all he could to keep the name great, involved in plenty of political alliances and upheavals, including the disposition of several significant political advisers to the previous King of Alinor. The Beaumont’s alliances meant they were at the very core of the build-up and involvement of the Vidrohan war with Emeraude. Although they refused to class themselves truly as Vidrohans and certainly showed no allegiance publicly, the family (made up of siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.) very much worked out of the group's pockets, working as spies, traitors and (when required) soldiers against Emeraude's force.

Strong-willed, determined and thoughtful, Cato took the role of 'soldier' against Emeraude very well during the war. He loves his family dearly and misses his other brothers and sisters that perished, leaving a lasting resentment with those that killed them. He is aware of his sister's manipulative ways, yet still falls for them when arguing with his older brother. He is clever and tends to try and view the bigger picture whenever he can, believing that the Beaumont name has fallen because of sheer bloody narrow-mindedness.

Cato is only a few years younger than Gilbert and slightly resents the fact that he so closely missed out on being the heir to the Beaumont name. Although the two boys were very close when they were younger, as they grew older Cato began to view Gilbert as being a bit too 'soft-hearted' to play the role of heir. Over the decades, he has become more open about his opinions on his brother's apparent weaknesses and wants him to give up his title.

He thinks the Beaumont traditions are pretty archaic, but believes that there are reasons the family became great, through political alliances and marriages, land grabs, and the ousting of their rivals. He dislikes the family's firm attachment to the Vidrohans but feels they make strong allies when required. With his father dying, Cato is desperate to have his father name him the heir instead of Gilbert, either through Gilbert's deposition, or proving he is better suited to the role.

written by GM.

Thomas Margeaux

Dane Dehaan, cursed human, noble, Samavia

TAKEN! Now the heir to the title of Duke of Samavia, Tom is trying his best to adjust to his parents' ideal of a perfect son and inheritor. He is close with all of his siblings and is the only family member that still keeps in contact with Todd. He is cursed with the ability to see into people's thoughts sometimes that often leads to him being overwhelmed by their inner monologues.


paving the way to a new system

Lydia Havens, Emily Bett Rickards. Attendant to the prince of Alianor. Human.

Diana Mercury, Viola Davis. Scientist. Human.

Minzy Janis, Aishwarya Rai. Inn owner. Human.

Macsen Pritchard, Sean Bean. Human. Inn Keeper.

Maxwell Dieter, Jon Hamm. Human. Radio Host.

Lenore Sullivan, Beyonce Knowles. Sweets shop owner. Roux. Witch.

Giles Valentine, Anthony Mackie. Human. Famous inventor.

Eleanor Montague, Kristen Stewart. Human. Bar Owner.

David “Bones” Arroway, John Cho. Arroway Gang.

West Carnegie, Zachary Quinto. American Steel Tycoon.

Lydia Havens

Emily Bett Rickards. Attendant to the prince of Alianor. Human.

TAKEN! She is extremely organized, but knows when a break is needed. She has a sassiness about her that allows her to stand up to those above her without risk to her job. Her family had served the royal family for decades, but no one had gotten to as high of a position as she did.

Diana Mercury

Viola Davis. Unspecified. Human.

She has a hard time being social and is a big nerd about her work. One would not call her a mad scientist to her face, but things do tend to blow up around her. She has a good heart though and wants to help people with her work.

Minzy Janis

Aishwarya Rai. Unspecified. Human.

She deals with a lot of crap running an inn. Tough as nails and ready to pop you in the mouth if you insult her, Minzy is basically not amused by any antics or tomfoolery. She doesn’t take to whining very well and will give her opinion out really to anyone who clearly needs help.

Maxwell Dieter

Jon Hamm. Radio Host. Human. 37-42. Samavia.

Maxwell is the adoptive father of Alec and Rosie Dieter and husband of the commander of the Samavian naval fleet, Curt Dieter. Maxwell has and always will be a wildcard. While Curt is the strong point in the family Maxwell is often the one encouraging the children to express themselves and take chances. He runs a radio show in Samavia that often honestly judges politics, art and other things. With his smooth voice and good looks he often gets hit on by fans. He certainly loves Curt to pieces but seeing as how Curt is often out at sea being a naval commander, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Maxwell had some side pieces. He hates Samavia and wants to leave it as soon as possible.

Macsen Pritchard

Sean Bean. Human. 53. Inn Keeper. Roux.

Macsen Pritchard is the husband of Gwyneira and the father of Aderyn, but since the war ended, he's been making awful terrible decisions. He took a loan from Llyr to impress his wife with the life she once had, but had to put Aderyn up as collateral for it. This led to Gwyn leaving him and getting taken away by Llyr, which in turn sent Macsen straight to the bottle. He's more often drunk than sober. Aderyn worries about him constantly and she tries her hardest to make sure he's taken care of. He’s got to deal with the stray dog that Aderyn brought home, but he really shouldn't have expected much else. Currently he knows his wife is alive, but he believes his daughter to be dead.

Lenore Sullivan

Beyonce Knowles. Sweets shop owner. Roux. Witch.

She is very motherly and has a knack for knowing exactly what someone needs when they come into her shop. It is unclear whether this is just a talent or if she’s using her magic to be able to tell. She is extremely good at reading people and can be a little pushy from time to time, but her heart is in the right place.

Giles Valentine

Anthony Mackie. Unspecified. Human. Famous inventor.

Giles is one of the last remaining Emeraudians and one of the rare few doing well for himself. He doesn’t have a lot of competition, so he was thriving for a while but now he has kind of lost his muse/mojo. He is in a bit of a rut and needs a comeback.

Eleanor Montague

Kristen Stewart. Unspecified. Human.

She has been in the family business of owning a bar since she was a little girl, so Eleanor is all about a good time and getting money. She is easy to smile and play around, and it would not be rare to find her flirting out a good tip from someone. Eleanor can’t really help it if she is easy on the eyes and smart enough to handle a room full of drunken fools. She lost track of her twin sister ages ago and wishes with all her heart that she could find out what happened to her.

David “Bones” Arroway

John Cho. Roux.

Bones is one of the few people mob boss Joss Arroway has invited into her inner circle of top operatives. He handles the books mostly, illegal and legal ones. He's one of the smarter people in the gang and tends to be very arrogant about it. Bones has recently gotten married to Eliza Tichfield, a woman he was sleeping with and got pregnant. They both aren't sure what the future holds for them.

West Carnegie

Zachary Quinto. 39. Human. American Steel Tycoon. Samavia.

Taken! West has come to Lairea to ‘clean up’ the failed land. He believes with his money he can make Lairea profitable to the world if he just gets rid of their ‘monster’ problem. Of course he has other interests in the land. He has recently come into contact with the Mason family and is looking to marry into it, particularly to Laurel. West will most likely be the one to discover Oliver Mason’s secret and will reveal it to his family. He is friends and business partners with CJ Reginald Cartier and is a member of the League of Purity.

Soldiers and Guards

the first defense, protectors of nobility and royalty alike

Cole Kenhelm, Ben Barnes, guard to Prince Baldric

Rodger Hall, Rami Malek, army corporal of Alianor

Rayna Cooper, Crystal Reed, naval lieutenant of Roux

Ryker Anderson, Bradley James, army captain of Roux

Christopher White, Kevin Zegers, junior guard of Roux

Edward Avery, Jude Law, royal guard of Samavia

Sybilla Bristol, Rosamund Pike, guard to Queen Agnes

Darren Areik, Tyler Hoechlin, guard to Prince Phillip

Cole Kenhelm

Ben Barnes. Personal Guard of Prince Baldric. Roux.

TAKEN! Cole is Baldric's guard and has been with him nearly his entire life. They attended the Academy together actually and when Baldric was only enough to pick his own guard, he picked his friend. Cole is one of the few to truly know all that Baldric has been through, and Baldric trusts him more than he does his own family. Cole is also a major role model for Baldric's squire Juste. Cole may or may not be a spy for Queen Augustine.

Rodger Hall

Rami Malek. Army Corporal. Alianor.

Once a lazy and selfish young man, his father forced him to enlist in the army in order to help him to mature. He bit off a little more than he could chew and was kidnapped into an enemy prisoner camp. Even though he did not spend a whole lot of time in the camp but when he was rescued, it changed him. He grew very thankful for everything in his life and much more giving.

Rayna Cooper

Crystal Reed. Army Lieutenant. Alianor.

TAKENThe youngest of three sisters, she never really fit in with her older siblings because they easily fit into the overly feminine role that their parents expected of them. The navy always seemed like an attractive profession to her, so she enlisted as soon as she was old enough. She made her name in the army when she beheaded a high ranking enemy soldier.

Ryker Anderson

Bradley James. Army Captain. Roux.

TAKEN. Cocky and pompous, Ryker enlisted in the army as soon as he was of age, to follow in his father’s footsteps, who was a general of Roux. Ryker was awarded as a hero after the war because of his many successful rescue missions to safe prisoners of war from the enemy war camps. He is still a soldier, but occasionally teaches at the academy, specializing in combat, still as cocky as ever.

Christopher White

Kevin Zegers. Junior guard. Roux.

He is a big gossip that often enjoys hearing about the going-ons of the royal family and the nobles from the kingdoms surrounding. He is often commended for his job when he sincerely does little else than allow the rich and important to vent their secrets.

Edward Avery

Jude Law. Head guard. Cursed human.

TAKEN! Samavia. He is the right hand to king of Samavia and has an often undyingly loyal to the king. He runs the charge against supernaturals and keeps track of the king’s spies. Even though he is very devoted to the king, he is fond of Samavian nobles and did once care for the late queen, despite the king's accusations against her. He was cursed trying to protect the Samavian nobles, which resulted in his skin burning when he touches metal.

Sybilla Bristol

Rosamund Pike. Queen’s Guard. Fairy. 400+ years old. Alianor.

This character was assigned to be Agnes's bodyguard when she was very young and has been by her side through everything, so they've grown very close over the years. She was the one that knew how to find Agnes when she was kidnapped, so Agnes feels like she owes her a lot. She accompanied Agnes on her journey to be queen and is by her side even now.

Darren Areik

Tyler Hoechlin. 32. Prince's Guard. Alianor.

Taken!He is an Alianor native and has been with the Calvert family since he was 12-14. At first Darren was simply another playmate and older brother figure for Phillip to annoy as well as trail around after. The prince was constantly getting the two of them into harmless trouble and Darren would talk his way out of it for the both of them. As they both grew older their differences became clearer to Phillip, but by that time it was already too late as he had found a close friend in the older boy. Darren became a part of the royal guard and Phillip requested him as his personal guard and he has been such ever since.

Darren is constantly a person Phillip confides in and looks to for advice. He isn't the quiet type to sit back and let Phillip get away with acting childishly, he knows Phillip needs to think of the kingdom before himself, and isn't afraid to call him on things that he's done wrong. Phillip trusts him with everything: secrets, his fears and most importantly his life. It is not very often the prince ever travels outside of Alianor without Darren by his side and certainly not by his choice.

written by Puppy


the people of Lairea

Silas Moore Alexander Skarsgard, priest, Roux

Irena BellMallika Sherawat, escort

Rosie Dieter Bella Thorne, mermaid or fae, Samavia

Katherine Krakowski Sophie McShera, human

Parker Brown David Tennant, witch, stage actor, Alianor

Kione Lovelace Emma Watson, fairy, bard, Alianor

Isobel Myers Emma Stone, mermaid, dancer

Nasir Willoughby Tyler Posey, fairy, consort

Jean Carroll Zoe Saldana, social event planner

Flynn Walker D. B. Woodside, shapeshifter

Jasmine Rey Sophie Turner, open species, artist, Samavia

Piper Gina Rodriguez, open species, spy, Samavia

Silas Moore

Alexander Skarsgard, priest, Roux

Silas is Esca’s priest mentor as well as a close friend. He is a few years older than Esca and has tended to his studies since he joined the priesthood. He is a kind individual with an incredible amount of patience and good humor. Silas can be rather flirtatious but is rather bashful around most women. He is fully committed to the priesthood and though he fights his vices like the rest of them he has never had a problem with living a life of moderation.

Irena Bell

Mallika Sherawat, escort

She is a successful escort who accompanies certain nobles to parties and is often confused for one of the gentry. Irena is actually the daughter of a peasant who started charging for men to show her on their arm at public events. Her job allows her to live comfortably.

Rosie Dieter

Bella Thorne. mermaid or fae. 14-16. Samavia.

Rosie is the adoptive daughter of Maxwell and Curt Dieter. She is the family member that is most like Curt. She loves the ocean, boats, being part of a crew, all that jazz. She is currently in talks of going to the naval academy herself. She actually loves Samavia though much like her dad, Curt, she hopes things will get better there soon. She is a strong feminist who will rarely back down to any prejudice thrown her way. Rosie is also a strong dreamer in the future. Unlike her brother she does wonder about her birth family. She may even be curious enough to find info on them and seek them out. Her birth parents are Kinneret Vale and Achilles Belmonte.

Katherine "Kitty" Krakowski

Sophie McShera. human or gifted. 16-19.

Kitty is Victor's younger sister and the youngest child of the Krakowski family, having literally just arrived in Lairea from her home in Poland. She has left because she wants to become independent and make a life for herself. She wholeheartedly believes that her older brother Victor ran away to Lairea when he escaped prison to go and make his fortune. As such, she believes she can do the same. She is in total awe of the new place she has arrived and believes leaving home is the best decision she has ever made.

She is very strong willed and believes herself to be quite the lady regardless of her humble means. She loves her family dearly, though dislikes the fact they all treat her like a child and so is taking it upon herself to prove she can sort out her own life. Her dream is to marry a handsome prince (or a noble, that would do too) as well as other goals. Kitty can be quite naive and overly trusting, but has an impulsive streak so is probably likely to stumble upon some trouble here and there on her adventures.

Her brother Victor had been imprisoned for six years before fleeing to Lairea eight years ago. The family would have corresponded by letters during this time, so the siblings would not have personally seen each other for a total of fourteen years.

written by GM.

Parker Brown

David Tennant, witch, stage actor, Alianor

He is a bit of a celebrity in Alianor and he knows it. Parker was neutral during the war and he prefers to stay out of politics because it might ruin his image. He might be pulled over to one side, depending on how much that side is willing to do for him. Aside from his dedication to acting, he can be a very lazy person.

Kione Lovelace

Katie McGrath, fairy, bard, Alianor

TAKEN! She is a famous bard of Alianor that is starting to become popular in the courts. Kione is extremely dedicated to her artistry and will put it above anything else. Though her growing fame excites her, she really just wants to share her poetry and storytelling with the world. With all the turmoil in the world, her art is tending to get a bit political lately but Kione just wants world peace.

Isobel Myers

Emma Stone, mermaid, dancer

A young saltwater mermaid, once she discovered life on land, she didn’t want to return to the water, until she absolutely had to. She enjoyed going to dance performances and began dancing herself. After developing her dancing skills, she was picked up by an entertainment troupe that travelled across the kingdoms and quickly became one of the star attractions because of her dancing skills. She is an extremely curious young mermaid, which causes her to get in trouble every so often.

Nasir Willoughby

Tyler Posey, fairy, consort

Nasir is sweet, loving, good-natured, flirtatious, and endearing. He is a well-known and well-loved consort of the nobles. Despite his job, he is a very forward thinker and wants to be a representative for his people. He has the connections, now he just has to think up a way to get the fairies to accept him. The boy has nothing but good intentions in mind but can be a bit sensitive to the way the world treats him.

Jean Caroll

Zoe Saldana, social event planner

She moves between all kingdoms and is very morally ambiguous. Jean is an exotic, bubbly and sassy person who is in the know of most going on in the kingdom she lives in due to her job. She moves info from one side to the next.

Flynn Walker

D.B. Woodside, shapeshifter

Having been cursed at a very young age, he was trapped in his horse form and was forced to stay that way for most of his life. He was used during the war and was able to save a witch that was fighting on the side of Alianor. The witch was able to lift the curse on him and he was able to regain his human form. He is now a farmer and enjoys spending time with animals much more than people.

Jasmine Rey

Sophie Turner. Artist. open species. Samavia.

TAKEN! Renly Ganymede Sparks has a lot of actors and bards around him but none is more infuriating to him than Jasmine. She is better than him in almost all ways and is always stealing the best parts from him. He tries very hard to be civil with her but the girl just brings out the diva in him. They are often at odds and competing for the attention of the crowd.


Gina Rodriguez. open species. spy. Samavia

This ball of sunshine is Piper. Prince Theo is not really sure if its that she is on really good drugs or something but his spy is always chipper. Piper came to him offering her services and has gained his trust over the years of service she has provided. Cheeky and energetic as she is Piper always gets the job done. There is a grace to her madness that Theo has always admired and he also kind of has a crush on her.

She keeps track of the big heads in Samavia as well as people of interest in the other kingdoms. She's constantly on the move but her main places of interest though would be the refugee camps because Theo would be very concerned with their well being.


Emeraudian citizens, left over after the war

Icarus James, Richard Madden, refugee rebellion leader

Farawen Darling, Lily Collins, refugee priestess

Dylan Park, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, refugee thief

Isaac Bell, Jamie Campbell-Bower, refugee skeptic

Atticus Dill, Logan Lerman, refugee rebellion recruiter

Phoenicia Whately, Constance Wu, refugee priestess

Elizabeth Nolan, Adele, refugee priestess

Victoria Nolan, Abigail Breslin, refugee

Amelia Goulding, Danai Gurira, refugee

William Allagash, Tom Felton, refugee con artist

Dylan Park

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, thief, rebel

TAKEN! Thief. Refugee camps. Known as Robin Hood. Typically, he steals from the rich to give to the poor. He often concentrates on the refugee camps because of the low quality of living. He has never kept quiet about how he disagrees with how the authorities are handling the crisis. Often spending most of his time in Samavia, where the harsh quality of the camps is more apparent. He is a member of Emeraudian rebels who are trying to take back their kingdom. Leads the merry men, who bravely join him in his heists.

Icarus James

Richard Madden, human, all camps

TAKEN! Leader of the Emeraudian rebels, Icarus is a fighter for social justice. Once a healer in Emeraude during the war, he now serves as a community spokesperson for the refugee camps of Roux. Compassionate and effective, he has gotten more done for the camps than the kingdom itself has since being elected to lead it. Richard Madden.

Farawen Darling

Lily Collins, fairy, all camps

TAKEN! Unspecified. Having lost all memory of being a noble in the Emeraudian court, Farawen has taken on a position of leadership in the refugee camps under Icarus James. She has also taken on the care of her little brother, whom she believes is her son due to the memory loss. Lily Collins.

Atticus Dill

Logan Lerman. Recruiter. Rebel.

Atticus actively does whatever he can to lighten everyone's pressure. He often sacrifices any of his own comforts in order to make someone else feel better. He is a member of the Emeraudian rebels known for being very involved. He is also a recruited thief for Dylan Park, even though stealing is against his morals.

Isaac Beele

Jamie Campbell Bower. Unspecified species. Any camp.

Isaac lost his only family - his older sister and younger sister - in the war and is still really bitter about the loss. Isaac is more focused on starting war than on resolving the issues. He does not agree with Icarus or the Emeraudian rebels and is often too hard-headed to see the potential for any good.

Phoenicia Whately

Constance Wu. Fairy. Priestess. Samavia.

Phoenicia is a priestess in the Samavian refugee camps. She was raised by Tybalt and is trying to get him out of the drug dealing business. She does her best to keep an eye out for him, but she's finding it more and more difficult to balance her love for her father and her devotion to her religion.

Elizabeth Nolan

Adele. Fairy. Refugee Priestess.

Elizabeth, much like Nila, was born into the Order of the Blue Fairies, though she and her mother left when she was still a child. She joined the priestesses when she came of age to do so, and has spent many years as a priestess. She lived peacefully in Alianor until the war, after which, she joined Farawen Darling's priestess branch in the refugee camps, dragging her younger sister Victoria along with her. She tries to help out wherever she can, though she knows her sister doesn't share the same values she does.

Victoria Nolan

Abigail Breslin. Fairy. Refugee.

Victoria has big dreams that she feels as though she can never achieve thanks to constantly being dragged about by her older sister Elizabeth. Unlike Elizabeth, she never lived in the camps of the order, and she was rather spoiled by her parents while Elizabeth went off to join the priestesses. Victoria had taken a different path, managing to become a lady in waiting to a minor noblewoman, only to have that noblewoman die during the war, taking the lifestyle she had become accustomed to along with her. With their parents deceased and their ancestral home destroyed, Victoria had no choice but to join her sister in the camps and she is now undergoing priestess training though she doesn't particularly want to. She's still holding out hope that she can somehow work her way back up into the nobility.

Amelia Goulding

Danai Gurira. Refugee.

Amelia lives with Renly Ganymede Sparks in the Samavian refugee camp. She is a sort of leader there trying to keep people as safe and as happy as possible while simultaneously working with other leaders of refugee camps. She is a very sweet and smiley woman whom Renly sees as a sort of mother figure ever since his mother passed away. She takes on a very motherly relationship with him often scolding him for doing reckless things and making sure he’s eaten at least one meal in any given day.

William Allagash

Tom Felton. Shifter. Refugee. Con Artist.

William has been making the best of old superstitions. The Wryneck Woodpecker was a strange bird, capable of turning its head 180 degrees and hissing like a snake. So often it was used for divination for this strangeness, but too often paying for a fortune from such a bird was worse than not paying for a fortune at all. Bad predictions were far more often to come true as promised than good ones. He realized that superstitions after the war were high and he teamed up with a witch, Ophelie Astor. He realized that so long as he could get her to tell people what they wanted to hear, they both got paid a great deal.


the downtrodden, always in the room and always ignored

Robert May, Eddie Redmayne, servant of Roux

Billy Robbins, Ian Somerhalder, servant of Samavia

Uma Groot, Emmy Rossum, servant of Alianor

Jessie Leeds, Amanda Seyfried, servant of Roux

Archie Royce, Rob James Collier, servant of Roux

Johanna Leary, Ellie Goulding, servant of Samavia

Robert May

Eddie Redmayne, human, Roux

TAKEN! Rob was raised as a lone child by his father, an inventor. He was born in Roux, but had to move to Samavia to find work as a servant in the castle, which was very dangerous, as his mother was a witch. Rob works in the Roux castle after transferring to be closer to his father.

Billy Robbins

Ian Somerhalder, human

Billy was once the son of a famous pirate who got himself caught and hanged. Now, having grown up on a pirate ship he was very used to freedom and getting anything he wanted. Forced into servitude to make up for his crimes as a pirate boy, he is now trying to find any way to escape the boring life.

Uma Groot

Emmy Rossum, human

She is a fiery servant with political aspirations. Uma believes in equality for all and representation for all. She is the kind of person who organizes labor unions and protects younger workers from pervy lords and ladies. Uma is motherly, spirited, ambitious, and good hearted.

Jessie Leads

Amanda Seyfried, human

Jessie Leeds is paying off her parents’ debt. They are both too old and sickly to do so themselves, so she has given herself to servitude for now until she can be a free woman again. Though optimistic that she will pay back the debt, she is not sure if being a servant for so long will get in the way of her dream, which is to be a teacher.

Archie Royce

Rob James Collier. Servant. Black Market Dealer. Roux.

Archie here has been Esca Drechsler's servant since he was a young man. He always worked for the Drechsler family and was quite fond of taking the mantle of caring for the young count. They are fond of each other really. Esca only treats Archie like a servant because the man insists on keeping with the order of things but in reality they are close friends. Archie has consoled Esca through his toughest of times and is very supportive of his current priestly aspirations. He really just wants the best for his young master and knows that whatever that is it is away from his home. Though respectful with Esca's mother he sees how manipulative she is with him and wants Esca to gain some perspective in his time away from her.

Anywho, Archie is a friend of Esca's even though he is technically of lower class. He calls upon him to 'serve' him whenever he is out of his priestly duties and the two spend their days chumming it up. Archie knows a lot of Esca's secrets and is very protective of him. He doesn't approve of most of his friends and will very openly defend him to malicious characters even if they are above his station. To him Esca is basically a little brother. He sees how fragile he is and wants nothing but to be strong for him. Archie has aspirations of his own though. He wants to get out of the serving business and open up a hotel of his own. He is the kind of guy that can charm just about anyone and wants to use those skills to better himself. He knows Esca will always support him no matter what but he wants to make something out of himself on his own.

Archie pays his debts and never lets anyone fuss about him. He is an honest man who will work hard to get what he thinks he deserves. Don't let that fool you though he has his dark side. It is partly why he understands Esca so well and wants to protect him from the world. Archie is involved in the black market, you see. He is actually quite a big wig in the inner circles of illegal services. He knows if anyone finds out the Drechslers will be scandalized so he keeps it as secret as possible. Yet in this path he has seen many good men fall to waste. He doesn't want that to happen to Esca so he is trying to help him become a good and sober man. Archie himself feels like the underground world might swallow him up soon but he is trying to push his way out of it as cleanly as possible. He doesn't want to leave any loose ends.

Johanna Leary

Ellie Goulding. Servant to Prince Thelonius. Samavia.

Johanna is Prince Theo's most loyal servant, or so he thinks. He trusts her completely and often sends her out to do many dangerous and important tasks for him. Right around the time that Theo was disowned other servants took to trying to abuse Johanna and ended up beating her really badly. Theo begged her to leave and find a safe place to work but Johanna decided to stick by him. Now however after years of pain and torture she is having doubts if Theo is worth it.

The Vidrohan Rebellium

Masters of Chaos. Destroyers of the world order.

Park Iseul, Soo Joo Park, spy of the rebellium

Effie Ashmore, Gwendoline Christie, weapons supplier of the rebellium

Temperance, Courtney Eaton, shadow against the rebellium

River, Godfrey Gao, shadow of the rebellium

Ralph Menoan, Justus Eisfield, soldier of the rebellium

Peter Drechsler, Kyle Ellison, spy of the rebellium

Phoebe Robyne, Dianna Agron, slave of the rebellium

Alexiel, Vinnie Woolston, slave of the rebellium

Euphemia 'Effie' Ashmore

Gwendoline Christie, made witch, weapons supplier of the vidrohan

Ashmore has been a household name since the war, as the Ashmore family manufactured a great deal of the weaponry used to fight the vidrohan. Effie, only child of the weapons manufacturer, General Cadmus Ashmore, is set to inherit his barony.

Before the war, Effie was attending the Academy, but when the war started, she was brought back to Roux. It was on her travels that she met some members of the vidrohan and allied herself with them even as she was headed for the court in Valencia. It just made sense, what they were fighting for. Really, humans had done a bang up job of the rest of the world, why should they be allowed to govern Lairea?

Her mission was simple, gain the favor of the royal family, and it wasn't long before she entered the inner circle of Fleur Agathon, not only as her lady in waiting, but also as her personal guard, but sometimes she does have to leave court to meet up and drop information, so for that, she uses Temperance to shadow her to make sure no suspicions are roused during her trips.


Courtney Eaton, shadow against the rebellium

Temperance wasn't made by Effie, rather the shadow was part of a group made before the war, each named after a virtue. She was set to leave the vidrohan when one of her 'sisters' betrayed them all. Her creator never got around to punishing her though, as she struggled and killed her in the process. Temperance lied about being punished and the circumstances of her makers death, and she was then assigned to a spy, Effie Ashmore. Whenever Effie needed a break from court, usually to bring information to the vidrohan, she was to swap places with the girl.

Sometimes she would be in court for weeks at a time, only to swap back with Effie in what felt like the nick of time. Fleur often had artisan jewelers come in bringing their wares, and Effie took great care to make sure that she was there on those days, not Temperance.

When Temperance isn't at court swapping for Effie, she hangs around the capital doing other small jobs for the vidrohan, though she's always got an eye and an ear out for her 'sisters'.

Peter Drechsler

Kyle Ellison, shapeshifter, spy, Vidrohan

Bastard son of an earl of Roux, Peter did not grow up with much love for the nobility. He and his mother were threatened because of the blood that flowed through his veins basically from day one of his conception. He grew up with a tough skin because of this and is not very easily made emotional. A rather new recruit to the rebellium he is quite pleased with his place in it. Proud of being Maleficent's personal spy, he takes the shape of a bird to eavesdrop on people. He believes in the destruction they plan to cause and really has no reason to hold back on delivering for them. Though curious about his half brother, Esca, Peter’s prerogative is that of the rebellium and whatever his leaders ask of him.


Vinnie Woolston, shapeshifter, servant, Vidrohan

TAKEN He is a panther shifter that was kidnapped and forced into slavery for the Vidrohan forces. He is mild mannered and suffering from a bit of Stockholm syndrome due to being so hurt and abused by the rebels.

Park Iseul

Soo Joo Park, witch, spy of the vidrohanr

Iseul is a witch of action, rarely sitting back as she seeks to shape the world in the way she sees fit. She very easily attract others, but towards her brother and Areum, well the three are basically repulsed by each other. They can manage to spend some time together, but they prefer being far apart. She's instilled herself in a position of power in Samavia. She is trying to convince her brother and Areum to join the vidrohan.


Godfrey Gao, shadow, Vidrohan

He basically wants to watch the world burn. River is cynical and generally dismissive of people’s sob stories. Elegant in gestures but foul mouthed and tough, he likes to manipulate people with every trick up his sleeve to get what he wants.

Ralph Menoan

Justus Eisfeld, witch, soldier, Vidrohan

Callous and vain, Ralph is a rather haughty soldier for the vidroha. He takes his position on the rebellion extremely serious and could easily be categorized as what one would call an extremist. He is not afraid to state his opinion on matters and can easily bring his magic into any fight he gets into because of his big mouth. Though very talented in magic, he suffers from a wound he sustained during the battle of Thais. He swears he will get revenge for the wound and searches out recklessly for the soldier that gave it to him.

Phoebe Robyne

Diana Agron, gifted, servant, Vidrohan

TAKEN Forced into doing the bidding of the Vidrohan Rebellium in exchange for the safety of her beloved younger sister, Phoebe is in for the mission of her life. She is being made to woo the King of Samavia so the Vidrohans can gain his trust and get rid of him, thus toppling over the Kingdom of Samavia in one, swift swoop. As if having to hide her abilities won't be hard enough, the king is also just as distasteful as she imagined he would be.


belong to no land

Circe,Freida Pinto, dragon

Joaquin, BooBoo Stewart, dragon

Belen, Natalie Dormer, shadow

Isolde, Mila Kunis, dragon

Satine Vanderbilt, Lana Del Rey, witch

Verity Vanderbilt, Deborah Ann Woll, witch

Dualla, Jenna Coleman, fairy

Helo Davenport, Manu Bennett, open species

Maristela Delamar, Alyssa Sutherland, the Sea Witch

Callisto, Nicola Peltz, dragon


Freida Pinto. Dragon.

Ancient and fearsome, Circe is one of the most well known dragons in existence. Though there have been many tales and legends about her, she is almost regarded as a idol amongst the people who she has spared in her lifetime. Extremely wise, reasonable and mysterious, she is a person many easily fixate on and wonder about.


BooBoo Stewart. Dragon.

A dragon with a mission! Joaquin wants to bring all the known dragons in existence together to start a dragon culture and society. He thinks they are easily preyed on despite their majesty and greatness when they are apart so it is wiser to come together and become a community. Having grown up in human societies, he is sure he can make it work with dragons as long as he tweaks a few things here and there.

Satine Vanderbilt

Lana Del Rey. 27. Witch.

TAKEN!Satine is whimsical, a riddler, and deeply spiritual. It is hard to make her concentrate on one task, but easy to make cry and emotional. Satine is the oldest of the Vanderbilt sisters and she shows it. Though she has barely six years on Verity and eight on Hilde, the dark circles under her eyes and her poor health show the struggles she endured to make her little sisters as safe as possible. She shows that struggle on her body and her mind. She doesn't try to stay serious for long for it stresses her out easily and prefers solitude and silliness.


Natalie Dormer. Shadow.

TAKEN! She is ridiculously smart but terribly lazy. Belen doesn’t want to involve herself with the current drama of the world as she believes it will all blow over soon and she can go back to her nap in peace. She is a bit of a hermit that doesn’t like to be put in the spotlight.


Mila Kunis. Dragon.

TAKEN! A particularly young dragon, she is not known for her rationality or resolve. Isolde mostly just wants to play, whether it's with her food or with other things is really up to the people she meets. She has a very youthful demeanor and can often times be seen as very childish and innocent, until she eats all your cattle.

Verity Vanderbilt

Deborah Ann Woll. 25. Witch.

Taken!She only seems to smile around her sisters, but is usually very surly and ever presently looking for an altercation. Verity is crass in her words and even rougher in her attitude. She loves to use her magic as often as possible and tends to use it for chaotic reasoning, rather than anything helpful for others.Verity is deeply disturbed by talk of Vidrohans and wants to stop them as best she can. She was once a part of the Vidrohan Rebellium but no longer supports them and their ways.


Jenna Coleman. Fairy.

Dualla is a fairy of great age and wisdom...and tomfoolery. The Davenports originally met her because she tried to pull a con on them. They still don't really know where her allegiances lie but since she seems fond of traveling with them and keeping them out of danger (mostly) they trust her. She seems to be running from something and avoids talking about her past. Terribly quick witted and light on her feet she tends to get away with a lot of pranks and insults.

Helo Davenport

Manu Bennett, open species

Taken!Helo is Taroissa Davenport's older brother and the leader of her rag tag group of people. He is not sure what to think of his sister nowadays but loves her too much to be cruel to her and stop her. He has had a hard time adjusting after the war anyway and thinks moving around will help him get his mind in order. He is protective of Taro and everyone else in the crew but he means well. He can fight and often has to for the good of the group but he prefers to solve things with reason and a bit of class.

Maristela Delamar

Alyssa Sutherland

Taken!The Sea Witch is a secretive line of a family that passes on the title to the strongest member in the line. She is the biological mother of Alec Dieter whose father is Tybalt Yuengling. She thought she could take care of Alec but had to give him up for adoption. He is now the adopted son of Curt Dieter and she keeps an eye on the both of them. She has personally cursed Rhitu and her ancestor had sent a werewolf to bite Maybelle.

The sea witch never reveals that she is part of a long line of witches. The idea behind it is to bring fear to the name. She pretends to be a witch that discovered immortality and shape shifting. She is an extremely powerful witch that often preys on sailors and pirates alike on the sea. Even mermaids fear the sea witch and try to stay in her favor. The aim of a sea witch though is to make heirs so they can test their abilities against each other and become the next sea witch.


Nicola Peltz. dragon.

Possibly Be'elzebub's sister. Both aren’t sure but they have a connection. She shows up at the camp and demands his attention. Personality wise she is very open. She could either be a lot nicer than Beezy is and cause him to see how harsh he is or she could be worse than him and serve as a handful for him to take care of. She is a young dragon (well, younger than Beezy) so she has some control issues.

Academy Students

education at work

Mahek Razi, Suraj Sharma, open species

Reisi Torchwood, Race Imboden, werewolf

Clarissa Pan, Rowan Blanchard, shapeshifter

Beryl Hyde, Lorde, open species

Milo Owens, Aml Ameen, open species

Henrietta Aldor , China Anne Mcclain, witch

Mahek Razi

Suraj Sharma. open species. 15-16.

One of the late comers to the academy Mahek has always been very concerned with what he can do with the opportunity he has been given. He tends to focus more on exploration tactics (map making, compass guiding, knowing how to use the earth around them for advantage) than fighting. He comes from a civilian family and is being sponsored to attend the academy by the Mindelan noble family. He comes from their barony and once saved one of the younger sisters from a very dangerous car accident. Third year page.

Reisi Torchwood

Race Imboden. Werewolf. 17-19.

The unfortunate events that led to Reisi being in the academy have shaped him into being a very tough and very no-nonsense kind of person. He is an Emeraudian refugee who lost his family, who were on their way to gaining a barony, to the war. The Torchwood name is synonymous with that of the acts of terrible violence that took place during the war. His family was torn apart by a pack of werewolves that only he and his little sister survived the wrath of. He is currently learning how to deal with the shift. He is being sponsored by the Delacour noble family. Fourth year page.

Clarissa Pan

Rowan Blanchard. Shapeshifter. 13-14.

Claire is also an orphan adopted into Arlo Beckett's group of troublemakers. Though she does adore Arlo and the gang she is not content with simply forgetting about her past and moving on from it. Her older brother Alexiel who was a panther shifter disappeared a few years ago and she wants to know what happened to him. His disappearance led to the loss of her parents through loan sharks killing them for not paying off their debts they took to try to finance a rescue mission for him. She is angry at her brother but also knows he is the last family member she may have left in the world. First Year Page.

Beryl Hyde

Lorde. 15. open species.

TAKEN! Beryl was chosen by the Grimaldi sponsor program in 1903 to attend the Academy. She's most interested in the science behind weapons and can often be found in the labs tinkering with how to integrate magic with firearms. She's a war orphan, her mother died during one of the early battles of Emeraude and her father passed away in the fall of Thais.

Milo Owens

Aml Ameen. 17. open species.

Milo was chosen in 1900 to attend the Academy. He's well rounded in all of his studies, though not considered exceptional in any one area. He hopes to become a royal guard one day, he thinks protecting people is more important than glory from leading others. He is an Emeraudian refugee, though his family managed to move out of the camps. They work on a farm in Alianor.

Henrietta Aldor

China Anne Mcclain. 14. Witch.

Some wings of the DuPont family don't deal with reproduction or family lines at all. Often pulling the right strings, some of the families are just in the line of keeping their family secret, keeping their mission intact and ensuring their progressions through the times. Henrietta is the daughter of one of the heads of said wing. Though they had little time to spend together, Nikita has kept in touch well enough with Henrietta. Having attended the Academy for one year already, Henry was in the first trial wave for the experiment the DuPonts will be starting, readying to receive the rest of the incoming spies. Although very friendly, Henry is very focused on the family goal, having been raised to know she'd be treated well so long as she obeyed.
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The Montero Family

Lyov Montero, Jason Momoa, titan of Atlantis

Maraja Ribiero, Jessica Parker Kennedy, titanis of Atlantis

Evelina Durante, Mariska Hargitay, mitera of Atlantis

Evangeline Montero, Samantha Barks, titanides of Atlantis

Hector Montero, Marlon Teixiera, titanes of Atlantis

Eric Montero, Ansel Elgort, titanes of Atlantis

Julian Montero, Jamie Blackley, titanes of Atlantis

Hemera Hesperides, Phillipa Soo, titanides of Atlantis

Galene Sempra, Hayley Kiyoko, titanides of Atlantis

Thoe Asturias, Lulu Antariska, titanides of Atlantis

Titan Lyov Montero

Jason Mamoa. mermaid. 149. Atlantis

TAKEN!Once a kind and just man, shortly after the birth of his daughter Evangeline he was struck with a shard from an enchanted mirror, causing him to turn against those he loved. He began to torture his own children, forcing them to fight, and when his once beloved wife began speaking out against him, he brutally murdered her, claiming to the public that she had died in childbirth. He has been pitting his sons against one another in an attempt to buy his new wife Maraja more time to conceive, though he's growing impatient with her. He's already planning on finding a new wife if she doesn't conceive within the year. In the meantime he's devising new ways to force his sons to fight. Perhaps they'll start killing each other off. That could be amusing to watch.

Mitera Evelina Durante

Mariska Hargity, mermaid,

Mother of Lyov, she loved her son dearly until he started acting strangely. She doesn't know what happened to the kind and just boy she raised, but Lyov is no longer him. She misses her granddaughter immensely and she misses the days when she could speak freely in court. She still has some power though, and she is careful with how she wields it, hoping that perhaps she can play a part in returning things to how they once were.

Titanes Hector Montero

Marlon Teixiera, mermaid, 40-49

Easily the most violent of the brothers, Hector has always been vindictive. He is the presumed heir, though by the laws of Atlantis, any of his siblings could challenge him. He's not about to let that happen though, and he certainly doesn't wish for the return of his lost sister. He's determined to get the crown when his father steps down from the throne and he's not above violence to make it happen.

Titanes Eric Montero

Ansel Elgort, mermaid, 29-39

TAKEN!The closest to Evangeline in age, he can still remember his sister and he hopes to bring her back to the city to challenge his older brother. Perhaps together the two of them could seize the title from his older brother. Eric was once his father's favorite, though times have certainly changed. He doesn't care for his arranged marriage to Galene, but he's doing his best to make her feel comfortable about the situation.

Titanes Julian Montero

Jamie Blackley, mermaid, 21-27

Using his youth to his benefit, he pretends to be underfoot while in reality he's gauging the strengths and weaknesses of his brothers. He's intent on gaining control of the city for himself. Fear of an uprising among the tribes who wished to move into the city, Julian was sent to woo one of the refugees and bring them back to court. He has many plans for Atlantis, none good, and he won't rest until he's seen them through.

Titanis Maraja Ribiero

Jessica Parker Kennedy, mermaid

Maraja had one goal from the moment she entered Atlantis, and that was to rule. In possession of a shattered enchanted mirror with the power to turn people's hearts to ice and to make them see the worst in people, she first used a shard of it to turn Lyov against his family. After his wife was out of the way, it wasn't long before she married him. While his eldest was already of a temperament that she could manipulate, she gave each of the younger two brothers boxes that she presented as gifts, rigged with shards of her mirror. Julian, impatient in his youth, opened his immediately. Eric never got the chance, for in his jealousy, Hector stole his gift and opened it himself. Maraja just needs a child to secure her position, though she's just learned that she is incapable of conceiving. She's bluffed her way through fifteen years, but Lyov is starting to grow impatient.

Evangeline Montero

Samantha Barks, mermaid, 28 , Samavia

Tortured by her father and witness to her mother's murder at his hands, Evangeline fled to the mainland to escape her family when she was seven years old. She's since become an artist, living in Samavia, though there are those who wish her to return to Atlantis in the hopes that she might be able to salvage the city from the destruction of her brothers.

Titanides Hemera Hesperides

Phillipa Soo, mermaid, 28-31

Like the others held at the court by the respective Montero brothers, Hemera is more hostage than royalty. As one of the first taken to the palace to keep the other tribes in line, she learned quickly how to act so as not to provoke the ire of the Monteros. Her acting has paid off as she's gotten some freedoms, but her movements and actions are still very closely monitored.

Titanides Galene Sempra

Hayley Kiyoko, mermaid, 23-26

Her father's rhetoric against the Monteros is what led to Galene being brought to court and married off to Eric in an attempt to curtail her free spirit and to get her father to stop speaking against the crown. She hasn't found her marriage all that restrictive however, and has used her time alone with him to convince him to search for his sister. She's also found an ally in her assigned guard Adrasteia. One way or another, she's going to get her freedom back.

Titanides Thoe Asturias

Lulu Antariska, mermaid, 19-21

TAKEN! Thoe isn't quite sure where she went wrong in her life. She had been happy with her tribe in the kelp forests off the coast of Emeraude, but humans drove them to seek refuge in Atlantis. How she caught the eye of Julian she'll never know, but she's regretted it ever since they've become betrothed. He gave her an enchanted necklace so she can't speak of anything he tells her in private, but his words trouble her. He often details his plans to her if only to terrify her of what is to come.


listen to the waves

Pelagius Sarka Dwayne Johnson, teacher, dragon

Rhea Priumor Ivana Baquera, mermaid, muse

Cipris Abano Enrique Iglesias, architect, fairy

Arista Jokinen Kang So-Ra, dancer, mermaid

Trenton Kersey Aditya Roy Kapur, gang member, mermaid

Meltem Sarena Bebe Rexha, tribal leader, mermaid

Gaea Michelle Yeoh, the Oracle

Charon Rhydian Vaughan, bounty hunter, dragon

Vlad Lagunov Michael Ealy, head of crime ring, mermaid

Neith Raeburn Claudia Kim, guard

Mireille Sanna Meghan Markle, housekeeper/spy

Arslan Melite Adam Beach, tribal leader, mermaid

Pelagius Sarka

Dwayne Johnson, teacher, dragon

Pelagius has been teaching the young ones of Atlantis for as long as he can remember. He first came to Atlantis when it was still accessible from above by all, and he distinctly remembers advocating to keep Atlantis open. A curator of knowledge, he does his best to provide his pupils with an education worth having.

Rhea Pruimor

Ivana Baquero, mermaid, muse

TAKEN!Born with siren powers, Rhea devoted her childhood to perfecting her powers. After she mastered them, she used them to inspire those around the city, becoming one of the muses of the city. She prefers working with architects, her songs about the city and its design are some of her favorites. Rumors are that she might be asked to sing at the wedding of Titanes Hector and his fiance Titanides Hemera, and she's been busy practicing, just in case.

Cipris Abano

Enrique Iglesias, fairy, architect

Cipris is basically the main force behind the entire city of Atlantis. It's his magic that keeps parts of the city dry while others are underwater, and it's also magic of his crafting that allows for travel to and from the city via spell. He's often dreaming up new ideas in the Water Gardens, though for him it's a short jump from dream to reality.

Arista Jokinen

Kang So Ra, mermaid, dancer

Arista is the youngest member of one of the wealthiest families in Atlantis. Her family expects a lot from her and she does her best to make sure she meets their expectations. She began dancing at a very young age and it is one of the few things that help to relieve her familial stress. Arista still attempts to keep in contact with Zander after he was exiled.

Trenton Kersey

Aditya Roy Kapur, mermaid, 30

Trenton has always been a follower, not a leader, with the one exception of taking care of his two younger siblings. He has and will do anything to make sure they have a good life, which is what led him to getting involved in Vlad's gang. Zander and Arista stopped being friends with him as soon as he joined the gang.

Meltem Sarena

Bebe Rexha, mermaid, tribal leader

TAKEN! Being in the court of Atlantis is never easy, but Meltem knows how to play the games necessary to survive. She advocates for things often contrary to her actual views on the subject, if only to stay in favor. Those who lose favor often lose their lives as well. It really is a game of life and death.


Michelle Yeoh, the Oracle, ~1000 years old

The high priestess at the Oracle of Atlantis always takes the name Gaea, and her wisdom is sought by commoners and royals alike. In her current incarnation, Gaea takes care of the other priestesses who live in the temple while she pays proper respects to the gods. She still offers advice, but it is nothing like the vague prophecies of old. Gaea prides herself on knowing those in the kingdom and tries her best to give them advice that will genuinely help them.


Rhydian Vaughan, dragon, bounty hunter

Sent to the mainland, he's supposed to be tracking down Evangeline, should she still be alive. He's gotten a bit distracted since coming to Lairea. There is just so much to see and so many places that she could be hiding. He's also losing his resolve for handing her over to those who hired him, and is starting to think that perhaps giving her to another faction of Atlantis might suit him better. That's if he even returns to Atlantis.

Vlad Lagunov

Michael Ealy, mermaid, gang leader

Being the youngest of five children, he was often served last and given the most worn of clothing to wear. Because of this, he fell into a life of crime, as that seemed to be the only way he could really survive. As he grew older, he fit right in as he proved to be very cunning and manipulative. People began to follow him and he gladly accepted the role of leader.

Neith Raeburn

Claudia Kim, guard

An extremely serious woman, she is a dedicated guard of Atlantis. After being the victim of a traumatic attack when she was a child, she devoted herself to learning how to fight with any weapon she could get her hands on.

Mireille Sanna

Meghan Markle, housekeeper/spy

Mireille has lived in the palace nearly her entire life. Born to the head of the kitchen and a guard, she was working in the palace before she was fully grown. Of course it wasn't really working, more like helping her mother bake after school. Still, the palace was always home and no one was surprised when she began serving. It wasn't too long before she realized that no one cared if she was in the room while they were talking, and took even less time for her to realize that such information was exceptionally valuable to the right person. She's been around the palace long enough to know how to play the game and she knows for a fact no one suspects a thing about her. Everyone thinks she's only loyal to them. That's how she likes it.

Arslan Melite

Adam Beach, mermaid, tribal leader

Arslan knows a thing or two about keeping power, and he isn't about to lose it. He knows his position is precarious, and he does what is necessary to keep it secure. He keeps tabs on which citizens of Atlantis aren't part of a major tribe in the city, and he uses them as scapegoats when necessary to protect himself and the crown. It comes with an extra benefit, sparking distrust among the citizens about the refugees that live outside the city. Fear is a powerful tool and Arslan knows how to wield it.
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