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 Posted: Jan 10 2016, 06:42 PM
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Site Plot

Once upon a time, there were four kingdoms. They lived in peace for a long time, few battles amongst themselves, more problems from the outside world. After a long period of halcyon, there was a surge of malevolent creatures, forming their own army and attempting to get the better of the four kingdoms. The Kingdom of Emeraude, holding the greatest concentration of magical creatures, chose to take on the most of the battle. The four kingdoms still banded together in this war and won, with a heavy casualty. Almost all of Emeraude had been burned down, and most of the royalty and nobility perished in the war. With so many creatures dead, any remaining citizens were left migrating to the nearest of the other three kingdoms, surrounded mostly by humans who were not yet accustomed to the presence of so many supernatural beings.

The story takes place three years after the end of the war as the three remaining kingdoms try to build upon peace again. They are still in the process of accommodating their new citizens, some kingdoms more comfortable with the process than others. As the young royals grow up, there are talks of joining the kingdoms or changes in government. The land as a whole felt a certain patience, as if without the evil forces they would be able to go on without rush.

This calmness ended on the last month in the third year of peace. Whispers from all places spread rumors that the evil was not truly gone. Cruel witches unknown to any sprouted up in different homes, cursing few commoners, nobles and royals alike. Shapeshifters and werewolves are disappearing, or sometimes even losing the control they once had. Gifted humans' powers are going off without warning. Magic is becoming in all parts harder to control and even nature is beginning to suffer from some mysterious force. Unknown yet to the people of the remaining kingdoms, war is brewing yet again. This time, magic is not as much on their side.

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