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 New Species
 Posted: Jun 17 2016, 08:51 AM
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New Species

We want Glory and Gore to be a place where creativity can thrive and be nurtured, so the admins have decided to allow new species, apart from the ones listed in the Bestiary. This will allow for so many more plotting opportunities and ideas! However, in order for the new species to be accepted, the following rules apply:

- A brand new species must have its appearance, powers and weaknesses explicitly described in it's application. Please be sure to explain everything as much as possible!

-A species not listed in the Bestiary but already established must adhere to the appearance, powers and weaknesses described in the initial application. Keep in mind that if a species is capable of being very powerful, they must also have weaknesses.

-A species not listed in the Bestiary may not be applied for by anyone with fewer than 5 characters -OR- less than two months of activity on G&G.

-The species must be something that could be repeated. It has to be possible for there to be multiples of the creatures.

-Any new species that is being apped will have to have unanimous admin approval before they will be officially accepted. This will mean acceptance might take a little longer than a regular application, so please be patient.


-To keep unknown species rare, we are not going to allow more than 5% of the sites' population to be new species. Currently that means we have 8/14 spots taken.
-UPDATE: A link to all unknown and rare creatures on the site so far can be found within the members' encyclopedia master list.

Happy apping! <3

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